YouTube tests using AI to create video summaries


YouTube is experimenting with the idea of helping users make quicker decisions about which videos to follow on its platform.

Choosing to watch video content on a vast platform like YouTube can sometimes be challenging, especially for users without prior plans. Therefore, the company is testing the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate video summaries to help users grasp the main points before making a selection.

Specifically, Android Police discovered in the latest content update on the support page that YouTube’s team stated video summaries would be automatically generated in English, and some users can already view them. These summaries are designed to provide an overview of the video content.

The YouTube team wrote: “We are starting to experiment with AI-generated video summaries on YouTube to make it easier for users to quickly review what a video is about and decide if it fits their needs. To start, you may see these summaries on video watch pages and in search.”

YouTube thử nghiệm dùng AI tạo tóm tắt video - Ảnh 1.

YouTube thử nghiệm dùng AI tạo tóm tắt video - Ảnh 1.

YouTube expects AI-generated summaries to help users decide whether to watch video content or not

However, YouTube has not shared screenshots of the interface for the AI-generated video summaries. The video-sharing platform confirmed that these summaries will appear both on video watch pages and in search results. The purpose of the AI-generated summaries is not to replace the original video descriptions provided by content creators.

Android Police noted that the feature is currently being tested with English videos, so it might be limited to certain regions.

Last July also saw YouTube implementing several changes, such as raising the price of the Premium subscription by $2 in the US. The largest video platform on the planet has also quietly experimented with a new feature called “Stable Volume,” but details about it have not been disclosed yet.

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