YouTube opens game library for Premium users

, YouTube opens game library for Premium users

YouTube continues to take new initiatives to attract more customers to use the YouTube Premium service.

According to GizmoChina, in a new effort to encourage users to subscribe to the Premium paid service, YouTube is rolling out a new feature called Playables. This feature is a standalone part of the YouTube app or desktop website, allowing users to play games without having to download them.

When accessing Playables, users will see two tabs: Home and Browse. The Home tab will display a list of recently played games and suggest popular game titles. Meanwhile, the Browse tab allows users to explore and choose games they want to experience.

YouTube mở thư viện game cho người dùng Premium - Ảnh 1.

Interface of the new Playables game library on YouTube

The highlight of Playables is that all games can be played directly within the YouTube app or website. This will make it easy for users to experience games quickly.

Currently, Playables is in the beta testing phase and only a select group of Premium subscribers can access it. However, YouTube plans to expand access to Playables in the coming months. Some popular games available on the gaming service include Angry Birds Showdown, Brain Out, and Daily Solitaire. While the game library still has relatively little content, YouTube expects to add more games in the future.

The platform’s plan is to operate Playables until March 28, 2024, after which YouTube will evaluate the service’s performance and make a decision about its future. If Playables proves capable of attracting users, it could become a long-term investment goal for Google.

YouTube is not the first online video streaming service to provide electronic games to subscribers. Netflix introduced its own arcade games in November 2021, but it did not gain much traction. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Playables can outperform Netflix or not.

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