YouTube introduces new features for Windows users

, YouTube introduces new features for Windows users


Standout feature introduced by YouTube this time is the enhanced 1080 video quality aimed at providing a better experience for YouTube Premium users.

YouTube has announced that it will launch a series of new features for Windows users at the end of July. These new features will improve the video viewing quality to enhance the user experience.

Improved video quality

For YouTube Premium subscribers, users will be supported with higher bitrate speeds to enhance the video viewing experience on Windows. Specifically, with the 1080 Premium option, the quality of 1080p resolution videos will be improved through enhanced bitrate. Previously, YouTube only supported this option for iOS devices and certain regions.

Added new seek mode

Previously, users could use the arrow keys on the keyboard to seek a video by five seconds. Additionally, for devices with touch support, users had the option to double-tap on the left or right side of the video to seek forward or backward. Now, Google has added a new seek mode to YouTube, allowing users to seek forward or backward by 10 seconds while watching a video.

Improved Dark Mode

Currently, when users switch the YouTube interface to Dark Mode, the frame displaying suggestions on the search bar of YouTube does not transition to dark mode.

Google has stated that an upcoming update will address display issues, and Dark Mode will be improved to provide a more synchronized experience for users.


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