Your business can commemorate and celebrate Hispanic Tradition Month in 5 simple ways

Your business can commemorate and celebrate Hispanic Tradition Month in 5 simple ways

Your business can commemorate and celebrate Hispanic Tradition Month in 5 simple ways

As a business owner, one of the best ways to support different cultures is to participate in commemorative celebrations, such as Hispanic Tradition Month. Also known as Hispanic Tradition Month, Hispanic Tradition Month takes place from September 15 to October 15, when we Celebrating the history, culture and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America

“From the businesses we shop every day, the food on the table, the music we dance, the house we live in, the doctors and nurses on the front lines, the teachers at the school, and the people who work in our government, Hispanics and Latinos make The contributions are countless,” said founder and CEO Rachel Matos. Blue Lotus Collective And co-founder and chief marketing officer My caita.

Matos explained that Hispanic Tradition Month is an opportunity for companies to pay tribute to these contributions and “understand the origins of traditions and cultures that have had a significant impact on our society.”

Your business can commemorate and celebrate Hispanic Tradition Month in five ways:

1. Find and support Hispanic-owned businesses

Hispanic Tradition Month is a particularly good time to support Hispanics and Latinos Small businessAccording to Stanford University’s 2019 Latino Entrepreneurship Report, the number of Latino business owners has already Increased by 34% in the past ten years, And this proportion of all business owners is only 1%. In 2016, Latinx-owned companies generated a total of $470 billion in revenue, but the average revenue of a single Latinx-owned company is still only half of that of non-Latinx-owned companies.

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“Imagine if the opportunities and resources of Latino business owners are equal to those of non-Latino business owners, it will have an incredible impact,” Matos said.

As a business owner, you can help promote Hispanic business owners and their employees in many ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Purchase office supplies and other business necessities from Hispanic-owned companies.
  • Use a Hispanic-owned business to meet one of your business needs, such as printing Marketing Materials or maintenance equipment.
  • Compile a list of Hispanic businesses in your community and encourage your employees to visit them.
  • Leave a positive online review for the business you bought.

2. Educate your employees about Hispanic Tradition Month

A large part of celebrating Hispanic Tradition Month is to learn about the history and achievements of Latinos. After all, these communities not only have a long history, but they are also rich in diversity, covering many different countries and lifestyles.

Educating your employees can help them gain new perspectives, develop more cultural awareness and sensitivity, and re-evaluate stereotypes. To help teach them, please consider hosting a virtual seminar or lunch centered on Hispanic Tradition Month. You can go to:

  • History of Hispanic Tradition Month
  • Latin culture in your local community
  • Famous Hispanics in your industry
  • Important culinary, artistic, and political Hispanic influence

3. Organize events to celebrate Spanish culture

A fun and easy way to participate in Hispanic Tradition Month is to host an event that showcases the unique parts of various Hispanic cultures. If you have a physical workplace, consider hosting a movie night featuring movies made by Latino filmmakers, or a concert celebrating Latin music and dance.

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“Another way to celebrate is to hold a potluck, where everyone can make authentic dishes or buy dishes from Latino companies,” Matos suggested. She added that if your employees work remotely, you can participate in virtual Latin art exhibitions or concerts, or host traditional Hispanic trivia games with prizes.

4. Donate to non-profit organizations focused on Hispanics

Donating to an organization that focuses on Hispanics and Latinos and promotes its spirit is a powerful way to commemorate Hispanic Tradition Month. You can support a few different organizations, or you can use a certain percentage of your company’s September and October revenue for a specific cause.

Let your employee, Consider matching their donations to a certain dollar amount or holding a workplace competition. Whoever receives the best customer feedback or gets the highest monthly sales can choose which Hispanic-focused non-profit organization they want you to donate to.

If you need a place to start, here are some organizations to check:

  • Hispanic Heritage Foundation Support and connect with Latino leaders in the community, classroom, and workforce.
  • Vote latino It is a grassroots political organization dedicated to educating and encouraging voters.
  • Unite our dreams It is a community dominated by immigrant youth, committed to protecting the rights of immigrants and eliminating discrimination.
  • National Hispanic Health Alliance It is a science-based, community-driven organization that provides health services to communities in need.

It’s also a good idea to check local Hispanic-centric organizations in your community.

5. Give your employees something special

Send a gift that celebrates Hispanic culture and make your employees excited about Hispanic Tradition Month. Think about it: gift cards from local restaurants in Spain, Mexico, Cuba or El Salvador, allowances for cooking classes or music classes, or artisan products.

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Matos said the company used her subscription box service to order hundreds of Day of Death boxes for its employees. “They also requested virtual presentations and information packages as part of the celebration,” she said. “They not only promote this tradition to their employees, but they also buy products from Latino business owners.”

Celebrate respectfully

Hispanic Tradition Month is the best time to recognize and support Latino businesses and communities. When celebrating, make sure to be respect-oriented, inclusive, and have fun in the process.

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