Yen Tu Monuments and Scenic Landscape Complex

, Yen Tu Monuments and Scenic Landscape Complex

Nestled in the old forest is a series of ancient pagodas, relics and sacred shrines of the majestic and mysterious Yen Tu relic complex. The combination of history, religion and nature has formed a spectacular respite from the bustling city in search of inner peace.


The Yen Tu religious relic complex is the intersection of the two provinces of Quang Ninh and Bac Giang. According to UNESCO, it includes 3 areas: Historical relic and natural landscape of Yen Tu mountain, Tran Dynasty historical site, Tay Yen Tu heritage and nature reserve. Only 120km from Hanoi, with easy access, Yen Tu has become one of the most famous religious attractions in Vietnam.

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The main attractions at Yen Tu complex

Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Monastery

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Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Monastery, a famous part of Yen Tu complex, was founded in the 13th century by King Tran Nhan Tong. The building may be located at the foot of Yen Tu mountain, now the capital of Truc Lam Zen sect. , spreading good faith to many tourists from all over the world not only in Vietnam but also in countries around the world.

Dong Pagoda

As the name suggests, Dong Pagoda is cast in pure copper, recognized as the roof of Yen Tu mountain at an altitude of 1,068m above sea level. Hikers take about 6 hours with thousands of stone steps to reach the top of this mountain. However, visitors can use the aerial tram to reach the top and enjoy the spectacular panorama through the windows.

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Spring Clearance (Spring Oath Award)

Legend has it that when King Tran Nhan Tong transferred power to his son Tran Anh Tong and went to Yen Tu mountain to practice Buddhism, some concubines could not convince the old king, so they committed suicide this spring. Therefore, King Tran Nhan Tong set up Bien Minh pagoda to commemorate this incident; and spring is also renamed because of that.

Yen Tu National Forest

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Moving to the West Yen Tu area, nature lovers can try their best with a trip to explore a part of Yen Tu national forest. Walking along the trail, you can see thousands of rows of bamboo and hundred-year-old pine forests. Home to nearly a thousand species of flora and fauna, Yen Tu national forest is divided into conservation areas and eco-tourism sites.

Other Buddhist holy sites (Nao Van Pagoda, Hoa Yen Pagoda, Mot Mai Pagoda)

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In addition to the main destination, visitors will find along the trails many different structures, that are temples, shrines, towers of invaluable value in terms of history, beliefs and architectural art. bamboo. Ngoai Van, Hoa Yen pagoda, Mot Mai pagoda, Hue Quang tower are typical stops that you should not miss in this journey.


The shuttle is suitable for solo travelers or large groups if you want to stay together and plan the trails in advance. From Hanoi, daily buses depart from several stations such as My Dinh station, Luong Yen station or Giap Bat station. To avoid getting lost, you can remind the driver of your destination, so that they notify you at the arrival station. You can take a taxi / motorbike taxi to reach the foot of Yen Tu mountain because the remaining distance is about 10km and you can start the adventure in a short time.

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Rentals are more suitable for groups or families if you want private travel time and flexibility on your own scheduled route. You can choose a car / taxi with different sizes, brands and conditions, and the rental price is also different. On the other hand, motorbikes can also be considered if you are adventurous. Prices are affordable for most people and are calculated by the type and number of days you rent. Traveling to Yen Tu, you can follow the national highway route lasting about 2-3 hours by car.

Best time to visit

Located in the highlands, Yen Tu is blessed with a mild climate, cool all year round and four seasons. Summer lasts for about 4 months from April to July, while winter is from November to January. However, even in summer, the weather is still pleasant enough to visit the national heritage site.

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The best season for visitors and hikers is from September to November, when the weather is mild and dry, there are not many tourists and devotees so you can soak in the peace of architectural masterpieces and glorious landscapes. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of local customs and Buddhist worship, you can join the pilgrimage crowds during the Lunar New Year celebrations, from January to March.

Useful information

  • Location: Yen Tu, Quang Ninh

  • Best for: All travelers

  • Entrance: N / A

  • Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

  • Distance to city center: 63.6km (39.5 mi)

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