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To be allowed to work in Vietnam for up to three months, it is important for an expatriate to obtain a professional or a business visa. Thereafter, you will have to get a longer-term work permit. In this article, you will find an overview of the employment procedures in the country.

Note: Information in this article is subject to change and thus intended as a guideline only. Seek the most up-to-date relevant information from the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in your area.

Vietnamese enterprises are encouraged to fill positions first with local skills, and the recruitment of foreigners is justified only when the skills required for specific positions are not available in the local labour market.

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Ensure that your qualifications are recognized in the country and travel with certified copies of these. Also, consider getting a free CV review at TopCV.


To be eligible for a professional or business visa, it is preferred that you have a professional partner in the country. An example of such a partner is a sponsor; typically an employer. The employer will have to justify the job offer to a foreigner by proving to the authorities that the skills and competencies required for the position offered are not available from the local talent pool.

The employer will handle all the procedures for you once you send him your personal information, your passport number and passport expiration date, as well as details related to the purpose of your stay, the duration of stay, and the number of entries in the country.

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Once these formalities have been completed, they will send you a copy of the authorization issued by the Vietnamese authorities. You will then submit two duly completed and signed application forms, a passport-sized photo, plus a copy of your authorization to enter Vietnam.

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If you do not have a business partner, employer, or another sponsor who can provide you with an entry clearance, it is also possible to enter the country on a tourist visa and convert to a business visa once you have found a sponsor.

Work permit in Vietnam

You will obtain a work permit if you meet all the criteria established by the Vietnamese authorities. You must have it with you when you arrive in the country. To be eligible, you must be over 18 years old, be in good health and have no criminal record. In addition, you typically must hold a specialist position, for instance, be a manager or executive in a company.

Good to know:

The duration of your work permit will be equivalent to that of your employment contract. It’s worth noting that the work permit can be extended;

Find a job in Vietnam

To find a job in Vietnam, you can browse classifieds online or consult a hiring agency. If you have friends or relatives in the country, they could also help you find a job. It is advised that you learn more about the different industry demands in the country’s various regions. More can be seen on our specific articles.

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