Working in Hoi An

work in Hoi An

With its unique location and slower pace of life, it’s no wonder the charming town of Hoi An is an increasingly desirable destination for expats considering living and working in Vietnam.

Lifestyle in Hoi An

Hoi An is an attractive place to live and work for many reasons ‘ for the majority of the year the weather is pleasant, it is located on the coast, and the pace of life is slower in comparison to major cities. Being in a smaller town you will experience much less traffic congestion, and you are likely to live close to your place of work, thereby ensuring a minimal commute time.

If you work nomadically there are many cafes with wifi available where you will be able to set yourself up for the day, plug in, and get some work done.

Industry in Hoi An

Hoi An has a history as a trade port destination and was considered by Chinese and Japanese merchants to be the best in all of Asia. As a result, they have left their mark on local culture. Today, however, the majority of locals work in agriculture, tourism, and as tailors with a focus on making customised suits, dresses, and other clothing items. Hoi An is actually home to the highest concentration of tailors in the world.

Jobs for foreigners are not as readily available as in other locations in the country. As an expat in Hoi An you are more likely to find jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors. There is an ever-increasing number of young people backpacking to the town, and an English-speaking expat is often welcome in areas frequented by tourists, such as hostels and bars. English teachers can also find work in Hoi An but this is not nearly as quick and easy as in other places in the country due to the scarcity of language schools in the area.

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If you are struggling to find work you might want to consider doing a work exchange. There are opportunities in Hoi An to work for a few hours per day in exchange for accommodation (and sometimes food). This can be a good way to find your feed in a new town if you don’t yet have accommodation, as well as establish new friendships and do meaningful work in your day-to-day.

Finding a job in Hoi An

As with many places, if you know anybody in Hoi An, or if you are there already, it’s worth asking around and seeing what is available. If a friend refers you there is the added benefit that they can vouch for the integrity of both the employer and yourself. This can be particularly beneficial since Hoi An is a small town and it’s good to develop a solid network.

To get a good idea of the job climate before your arrival, you can search online or post in a Facebook group dedicated to finding work in Hoi An and its surroundings.

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