Work in Hai Phong

Hai Phong, Vietnam

Might you be looking for a job in Hai Phong? The northern city offers a number of job opportunities in various sectors.

Hai Phong is one of the largest Vietnamese cities, known to be the second-largest industrial centre of the country after Da Nang. One of the country’s largest ports is found in Hai Phong, and its GDP growth increased by over 16% in 2018. This growth is projected to continue throughout 2020. The port also provides a wealth of jobs, along with the national and international companies that have been set up in here in the past decade. This has accelerated Hai Phong’s economic growth.

Lifestyle in Hai Phong

Hai Phong has traditionally been viewed by foreigners as an industrial port town and a base to explore Ha Long Bay. However, the city holds its own charm. If you are living and working in Hai Phong, you can expect a quality of life at a slower pace than the country’s other main cities, namely Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This city is also recommended if you don’t always want to be around a high concentration of expatriates, perhaps allowing you to become integrated into the Vietnamese culture more rapidly if you so wish.

In some areas, Hai Phong can still afford you a lifestyle where you can freely cycle from one place to another without worrying too much about traffic. Hai Phong is incredibly picturesque with its rolling hills and spread of water, not to mention the flame flower trees dotted along the sidewalks.

As an expatriate, you can quite easily find a job in Hai Phong. Below is an outline of various sectors where you might be especially employable.

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Sectors with potential in Hai Phong

After its port, one of the main pillars of Hai Phong’s economy is the agricultural sector. Although Hai Phong is a city, a large portion of its land is used for rice cultivation as well as other agricultural products such as corn, sugar cane and peanuts. Fishing and aquaculture also contribute to its economic growth. These sectors, however, mostly recruit locals.

On the other hand, the service, trade, industry and export sectors have known rapid growth and often employ foreigners. The industrial sector accounts for roughly 40% of Hai Phong’s GDP. This sphere consists of activities such as cement production, iron, plastic pipes, pharmaceuticals products, food and electronics. The textile and shipbuilding industries are flourishing.

Hai Phong authorities have decided to diversify economic activities in the region through the construction of a new industrial park hosting many specialized local, national and international companies. As in many other locations, the field of information and communication technologies is also rising steadily.

Find a job in Hai Phong

If you are already in Hai Phong, word-of-mouth or hiring agencies could assist. Otherwise, you can check the classified advertisements online.

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