Why You Should Embed Instagram Widget on Website

, Why You Should Embed Instagram Widget on Website

Digitalization has completely revamped the marketing strategies and business models. And hence brands are adopting new ways to stand out from the crowd. Recently, businesses have been following a new marketing strategy that has helped them to reach their business goals.

The strategy is effective and provides great results. This strategy is – embed Instagram widget on the website. What is the Instagram widget? How can you find it? and why should you use them? This blog has answers to all these concerns, so let’s dive into it and address these topics one by one without any further ado.

What is an Instagram widget?

Instagram widget is the functional block on the website that displays Instagram feed. The widget streams the content from the source and does not affect the speed of the website. You can place the widget anywhere on your screen and display the feed with ease.

How can you get an Instagram widget?

You can easily get an Instagram widget from social media aggregators. Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help you in collecting social media feeds from various social media platforms. In addition, these tools provide a dedicated Instagram widget that you can embed on your website and showcase Instagram content from your desired source.

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You can even customize your widget and showcase your artistic and creative side by changing the widget’s font size, font color, and background. Moreover, it provides a moderation feature that enables you to hide inappropriate or unwanted content from the website feed. You can either remove them manually or opt for a profanity filter that automatically blocks the content containing provided keywords.

And in case you have a WordPress website, then you have the option to use WordPress plugins. Various Instagram feed WordPress plugins give you a committed Instagram plugin that you can add to your WordPress website and showcase Instagram content with ease.

Why You Should Embed Instagram Widget On Website

So, now you know about Instagram widget and how to get it. You must be now eager to know the benefits it can provide. Here are some of the major benefits of embedding Instagram widgets on your website.

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Increases the charm of your website

As mentioned above in this age of digitalization, it is important to have a beautiful website as it helps attract visitors and assists in creating a good impression. Therefore, adding images and videos is the safest option to make the website charming and alluring.

And we all know Instagram is the hub of images and videos. In addition, Instagram provides a wide range of features allowing users to express themselves. By using these creative and lively images you can enhance the beauty of your website and create an impactful impression on consumers.

Enchases visitor engagement

Visitors often prefer visiting the website that enhances their browsing experience. And what can be better than showing them all recent Instagram posts?

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Social media aggregator tools provide all the latest content on the website feed. That means as soon as the content uploads on your selected source, it will be visible on your website. It helps you in keeping your visitors engaged on the website.

And as more time users spend on the website, the chances of attaining more sales increase because it sparks an interest in their minds.

Provides social proof to the consumers

A rational customer looks for reviews and social proof before making any purchase, and Instagram users often provide both on the platform. By opting to display them on the website, you can showcase these social proofs to your visitors.

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Social proofs and reviews help businesses and as well customers. For customers, it helps them to make their purchase decisions. While for businesses it helps them to know their market reputation and prove their credibility. So we call it a win-win situation.

Boosts user-generated content for your business

User-generated content refers to the posts or content uploaded by consumers which are related to your brand. They have great relevance as they help the business to gather more audience and boost their reach.

With such relevance, it becomes important to use strategies to boost UGC and a better way to showcase them on the website. People feel valued when a brand displays its content on its website. It motivates them to make more content for the brand while encouraging others to post content and share the limelight on the website.

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Helps in conversion

As mentioned above, you can showcase reviews and social proofs to your visitors and prove your credibility. But, at the same time, it assists the viewers in making a purchase decision. Hence, helping you to convert your potential customers into your customers.

While, when you showcase your consumers’ content on the website, it helps build a brand-customer relationship, hence converting your customers into loyal customers.


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Summing It Up

Social media aggregators and WordPress plugins are some of the simple ways to embed Instagram feed on the website. The adobe mentioned pointers are some of the major benefits of this strategy. However, there are various more important to this strategy that can take your business to new heights. You can discover them when you apply the strategy.

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