Why is the number of international visitors to Vietnam not high?

It has been more than a month since Vietnam opened to international tourists, however, the number of international visitors to Vietnam is still not high.

Flight occupancy rate is only from 50-70%

A representative of Vietnam Airlines informed that at present, Vietnam Airlines has restored regular flight operations to 15 traditional international markets. In the coming time, Vietnam Airlines will open new routes connecting Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and Singapore; Da Nang to Kuala Lumpur. However, flights have a occupancy rate of only about 50%.

Vietnam Airlines is expected to restore 80% of the number of regular international routes from July 2022. Vietnam Airlines also gradually increases the frequency of international routes being operated. Along with that, tourism stimulus activities that have been coordinated by Vietnam Airlines with agencies and businesses will surely help quickly restore tourism demand and attract international visitors to Vietnam.

According to a representative of Vietnam Airlines, the fact that the number of passengers has not recovered to the level before the pandemic, although Vietnam has fully opened to international tourists since March 15, is already in the forecasted scenario of Vietnam Airlines as well as other organizations. international.

Previously, on the basis of the forecast of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Vietnam Airlines developed a scenario that in 2022, international passengers will recover about 50% compared to before the pandemic.

Over a month of "opening" the door to welcome international tourists, why is the number of visitors not high? photo 1Over a month of "opening" the door to welcome international tourists, why is the number of visitors not high? photo 1
Vietnamese airlines have reopened many international routes, but the number of passengers going to/from Vietnam is still not high

A representative of Bamboo Airways said that up to now, Bamboo Airways is promoting its plan to exploit many intercontinental and transcontinental routes to countries in Asia, Europe and Australia.

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Specifically, with Europe and Australia, Bamboo Airways has put into operation the routes Ho Chi Minh City – Melbourne (Australia); Ho Chi Minh City – Sydney, Hanoi – Frankfurt (Germany), Hanoi – London (UK)…

For Southeast Asia, Bamboo Airways has opened ticket sales for routes to Thailand and Singapore in March 2022. In addition, Bamboo Airways is urgently preparing to expand regular routes to Laos and Cambodia in the summer of 2022.

A representative of Bamboo Airways said that the recovery of international routes was slower due to the opening regulations of other countries, but Bamboo Airways still recorded an occupancy rate of about 70%. This number is increasingly improving in a positive direction because of the policy of loosening international travel barriers in the region and around the world.

Over a month of "opening" the door to welcome international tourists, why is the number of visitors not high? photo 2Over a month of "opening" the door to welcome international tourists, why is the number of visitors not high? photo 2
Airlines representatives said that there are still some problems that affect the psychology of passengers

There are still some obstacles

“By the end of April 2022, although most of Vietnam Airlines’ international routes to traditional markets have recovered, we assess that there are still some factors affecting travel international visitors to/from Vietnam”, a representative of Vietnam Airlines acknowledged.

According to Vietnam Airlines, in which, the regulation that requires passengers to test negative for SARS-CoV-2 before the flight causes more or less concern. Moreover, some countries and territories that are the main markets of Vietnam still maintain some restrictions on entry.

In addition, the issuance of new visas to Vietnamese citizens of other countries in the current period is limited in terms of quantity, subjects and time of issuance, along with the cautious psychology of passengers after the pandemic.

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In addition, passenger spending has declined due to the impact of the economic downturn. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was estimated that more than 70% of international visitors to Vietnam were tourists; This target group usually needs at least 2-3 months to start recovering.

“We believe that, in order to reopen safely and scientifically on international flights with the aviation and tourism sectors, it is very necessary to support and accompany all relevant ministries and branches, as well as the efforts and efforts of aviation, travel and accommodation businesses”- a representative of Bamboo Airways stated.

Accordingly, the representative of Bamboo Airways wishes that the authorities, ministries, agencies, authorities, and the National Administration of Tourism continue to play an effective bridge; take actions to support in terms of institutions and policies, build attractive stimulus programs at home and abroad to create conditions for aviation – tourism businesses to develop business activities.

Besides, in order to attract international tourists back to Vietnam, ensuring safety is the top priority and the quality of products and services is a key factor to attract international tourists.

Source: anninhthudo.vn

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