Why have bankers worked for many years and still have not been promoted?

, Why have bankers worked for many years and still have not been promoted?

As a banker, have you ever wondered why you’ve worked and devoted so many years but… still working as an employee or not? In addition to the salary and year-end bonus, perhaps the story of “never promoted” is a deep concern in every banker.

Remember that day, you were still a little girl, a twenty-two-year-old boy walking into a bank full of dreams. When he went anywhere, his aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters in the bank called him “little” “little boy”. Then work hard for 5, 10, 15…years; Suddenly, a new employee comes in to call you brother, sister, aunt and uncle, but can’t help but be startled. Then many bankers thought that at the age of U40, U50 was still an employee at a bank.

The story of a bank employee who has not been promoted for a long time seems to be a familiar image to many people. You may not say it, but surely not less than once every banker has wondered like that?! Looking for the reason for the story of “doing forever without promotion” in the banking world, after many years of working in the human resource management department at the bank, the writer summarizes some of the main reasons as follows:

First, you should not think that you are appointed at a very young age by acquaintance or “son of father”. In fact, there are also a small number of “born on the finish line” who are appointed early. But the banking industry is a fiercely competitive industry, where talent is more important. Because of the hundreds of thousands of bank employees, not everyone is promoted because they know each other. It is this mindset of every banker, thinking that no matter how hard they try, they can’t “promote” so they keep working evil. And so your age gets older and you reach the end of your planned age, waiting for retirement.

Why have bankers worked for many years and still have not been promoted?Why have bankers worked for many years and still have not been promoted?

Secondly, for professionals, it is normal for a weak professional to be not appointed. But sometimes you are not appointed…because you are too good at your job! It sounds ridiculous, but it’s the reality in many places. For example, you are an internal accounting staff, making reports and vouchers very well, quickly, accurately… in general, excellent. So, if the Branch Manager appoints you to be the Deputy Head of Accounting Department, for example, who will replace you? At that time, your Head of Department cannot find someone as good as you, nor can he assign you to do the same job as when you are an employee. And so that the leader of the Department will “talk” about your appointment and planning. At this point, what you need is to share and guide all your juniors to be as good as you to replace you, you will be appointed sooner.

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Third, the job of bank manager today is more demanding. As a manager at a bank, you are not only good at expertise, know how to manage human resources, know how to assign and supervise the work of subordinates… but sometimes you also have to know how to sell. That is, the bank leader must meet those factors. If before, you just needed to be good at expertise and good at management. But today, bank managers must also know how to do sales. For example, there are 2 accountants with the same expertise, but whoever sells card products, deposits, services, insurance, etc., will have better priority. Because in the modern banking structure, most of the focus is on sales, reducing operational positions. Today’s operators also have to enter the “market” with the credit department and sales department at the bank.

Fourth, it is your work attitude. Many bank employees are very professional, good at sales, but their working attitude is not good, so they are never appointed. There are many friends who show that they are good, star sick, look down on their colleagues, thinking that without me… no one would be able to do it. It is that attitude that you have “lost points” right in the eyes of your boss. Maybe your manager doesn’t say it, still uses you to exploit your talents, but will have no idea about how you plan to develop into a higher position.

Fifth, there are many bank employees who are not appointed because they “cannot keep secrets”, even “slander the boss” behind their backs. As a banker, you will understand that bankers often talk, say this “in the corridor” or after “tea after drinking” with their close group. Instead of having an opinion right at the meeting when disagreeing on something. But no, many employees do not have a direct opinion, but talk and talk bad about their boss behind their back. You know, leadership is always “one head” ahead of us. So what you say behind your boss’s back, maybe your boss knows it too.

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Bankers often say “I’ll tell you this, don’t tell anyone”. Then that chorus was duplicated n times to many people. To manage employees, bank leaders sometimes “set” an employee to play close with you, with your “sister group” without you even knowing it. Because every day, the boss is still not friendly or favorable, or even scolds that employee to easily install and play with you for easy management.

In fact, there are many different ways of managing human resources, but in order to manage tens of hundreds of employees at a bank branch, the manager always has a way to “read the mind” of each employee. Therefore, it is best for you to be honest, straightforward and decisive in your work, absolutely not badmouthing your boss whether right or wrong. You should have a direct, constructive opinion, not a negative mindset and attitude about your boss. Because of that, your path to advancement is further and further away.

Sixth, you need to build a good relationship with all the colleagues inside and outside your room. That means you should socialize in activities, conferences, parties, travel, etc. If you live a closed life, don’t play with anyone, just struggle to play with one or two people, it’s hard to be evaluated by your boss. In addition, in many places, there is a collective vote of confidence, if you do not have a harmonious, happy, open and friendly lifestyle, it will be very difficult.

In addition, you also need to be more attentive to your colleagues. For example, holidays, birthdays to send greetings, small gifts do not need to be expensive but important is attention. Or go on a trip, come home to give something to the common dining room for fun, etc. You need to clearly distinguish between sincere concern from gifts and bribes. So sometimes a sharing of work, a word of encouragement and comfort from you to your colleagues, to your boss will help your image to be more beautiful in the eyes of everyone.

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After all, if you meet all of the above factors, you also have professional competence, professional ethics, management skills, assignment, work supervision, working attitude, and co-worker relationships. well, great sales results…and still not being appointed, don’t be upset. Because it may be due to objective factors such as not having a position to promote you. But don’t think because your boss is biased, or doesn’t like you, so you should “fuck” you. In fact, there is hardly a boss who does not promote and appoint an employee who meets all of the above factors. Because if you don’t promote you, the bank will surely lose a talent like you. However, the most important thing is still to reflect on whether you have fallen into any of the shortcomings before complaining and lamenting. And once you are really good at expertise, good at management, good at sales, but still can’t get promoted; boldly step out of that bank. Because there are many banks out there that are welcoming managers with qualities like you.

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