Who is Front-end Engineer and How to Become One

, Who is Front-end Engineer and How to Become One

Front-end engineers – do what many people understand as “web development” and others – predominantly “JavaScript development“. They implement visual elements and application design. Therefore, the qualification demands high training.

The work involves:
  • Determining the structure/design of the pages.
  • Ensuring a balance between aesthetics and functionality.
  • Adapting for mobile devices.

These skills are precious today. The increased focus on user experience determines the need to combine functionality and attractiveness of web applications. This provokes an increase in the number of front-end programming jobs.

Below we will tell you what specific skills employers expect. Then, by owning them, you can apply for the position already.

Front end jobs: requirements

The exact list of skills depends on the company and project. However, there are basic competencies that a front-end engineer should have to land the job. Among those:

  • confident knowledge of programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • skills in working with browsers and their engines (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari);
  • the job requires interaction with web hosts and domain;
  • ability to work with frameworks and libraries of programming languages: Angular, JQuery, React, and Vue.js;
  • familiarity with code testing and debugging methods;
  • understanding of content management systems (Magento, WordPress);
  • knowledge of data formats (JSON, XML);
  • ability to work with assembly tools, task execution, and process automation;
  • implementation of accessibility according to the WAI-ARIA standard;
  • work with data API (in particular, Restful API);
  • knowledge of the principles of progressive improvement and gradual degradation;
  • familiarity with the principles of browser security;
  • ability to perform load testing and performance tests;
  • work with JavaScript and CSS animation;
  • front-end jobs invariably require knowledge of UI / UX principles.
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Front end programming jobs: responsibilities

The specialization assumes broad participation in the implementation of the project. Front-end programming jobs are a combination of programming art and design talent. In essence, this remote employee turns an idea into a product. Front-end jobs involve converting UI / UX design frameworks into code that creates the visual elements of a website or web application.

  • creation of functional and user-friendly web pages using popular markup languages;
  • maintaining / improving websites;
  • creating conditions for the implementation of UI / UX design;
  • optimization of the speed of work and scaling of sites;
  • job includes the implementation of responsive design and mobile features;
  • improving the usability of web applications and implementing new user-oriented features;
  • creation of mockups/prototypes and subsequent posting;
  • troubleshooting;
  • preparation of documentation;
  • performing simple designer tasks within a job to maintain high-quality graphics;
  • creating libraries and reusable code for future use;
  • front end remote jobs require effective communication with the team and stakeholders.

The IT industry offers a wide range of jobs ranging from Microsoft Dynamic CRM jobs to testing, data analysis, and development. Just browse through the job platforms in your region and worldwide (many companies offer excellent relocation opportunities), find an exciting job, and submit your application.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign – that’s it. Good luck!

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