What’s Landscape of Vietnam Medical Education Market?

, What’s Landscape of Vietnam Medical Education Market?
  • To pursue medical education in Vietnam, high school students can directly enter into medical college after completing the admission process.
  • Hanoi Medical College is one the top university with campus in central Vietnam. It is the oldest medical college of Vietnam.

Popularity of Vietnam Medical Education Market: With а рорulаtiоn оf 96.4 million during 2020, it makes Vietnаm third mоst рорulоus соuntry in Sоuth Eаst Asia. Along with the rapid eсоnоmiс develорment, the heаlth stаtus оf рeорle in Vietnаm hаs signifiсаntly imрrоved in reсent yeаrs, with the life exрeсtаnсy аt birth inсreаsing frоm 71 yeаrs in 1990 tо 76 yeаrs in 2015.

In the past two decades (2001 – 2020), medical education system has gradually moved towards an integrated educational program, applying the principle of “student-centeredness”, and introducing educational methods “based on problems”. And “based on simulation”. The need for additional doctors to the local health system has been addressed, helping to improve access to medical education for ethnic minorities and people in rural areas.

Enablers of Medical Education in Vietnam: In recent years, medical education in Vietnam has undergone changes with the support of international donors. For example, the ‘‘Strengthening Medical Skills Training at Eight Universities’’ project supported by the Netherlands’ NUFFIC program from 2004 to 2008, in establishing and developing medical skills training units and new medical skills training curricula. The Dutch government also supported another project aimed at strengthening community-oriented education. As a step forward, medical schools in Vietnam have led changes in their education models through Health Professionals Education and Training for Health System Reforms project (HPET), approved by the Vietnamese government in late 2013. With coming ages there will be a lot of growth in the Vietnamese educational sector with the support of these efforts.

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Specialized Courses in Vietnam: Vietnam, being a colonial country in the past follows traditional French system of education. The traditional methods involve learning by practice. This involves learning by practice through residency programs.

Students can go for the residency programs straight after their medical graduation, all they need is accreditation from the Department of Health. Approximately, 10% of medical students go for their residency program. Other methods of acquiring the medical specialization have to go through the Specialization level 1 and level 2 degree programs.

The report titled “Landscape of Vietnam Medical Education Market- Outcome Based Curriculum with Clear Explicit Articulations that Medical Graduates should Demonstrate” by Ken Research suggested that the Colleges have faced a slight downfall in terms of No. of Intake, Enrollment and Graduates amid COVID-19. Major merits of pursuing medicine in Vietnam Universities are factors such is high salaries, cheap cost of living, free style education and high opportunities.

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