We are a young organization that always welcomes young energy: VNPR Chairman

, We are a young organization that always welcomes young energy: VNPR Chairman

The founder of the Vietnam Public Relations Network (VNPR) shared about the role of young people in developing the Public Relations (PR) and Communications community in Vietnam and how they join an organization to develop and contribute to their profession.

Over two years since its establishment, VNPR has initiated and implemented many activities for the community of PR and Communications in Vietnam as a network of dynamic and professional PR practitioners. VNPR has been on an inspiring journey to welcome more members and fellows, including young people to join the organization.

With the support of Vietnam Insider, a fast-growing media site with deep finance, enterprise, tech, travel, life and other industry verticals in Vietnam, Global Business Magazine talks with My Nguyen, VNPR Chairman, about young people working in public relations and communications, why they should stand in their professional organizations, and VNPR’s development plans for young people this year.

Over 20 years of experience in the field of PR and Communications, how do you evaluate the current young PR practitioners working?

Young people today have more opportunities to learn and develop, plus the support of technology makes access to knowledge easier than ever. That is, of course, an important advantage and a solid foundation for you to train yourself and soon to succeed in your career.

On the other hand, many statistics show that young people nowadays (especially Gen Z onwards) are more interested in social and professional issues from an early age. From the PR and Communications perspective, that means our target audience is getting younger, so we need younger professionals who understand the language of this group of target audiences, be able to gain control of business tools, and have the “predestined relationship” with the profession to go further with us. Therefore, we are ready for a younger generation of colleagues who are good at technology and responsive to social changes.

Why does VNPR want young employees to join?

An interesting point is that although the founders are not too young in terms of age, VNPR is a very young organization. We always welcome young energy, because we believe that the organization must be further developed by young people. It is the ones who decide the future of VNPR.

So why VNPR? What’s in it for the young PR practitioners in Vietnam?

VNPR is a professional organization. Therefore, the very first value we want to bring to PR practitioners in Vietnam in general, including young people, is the inspiration and pride in what we do. PR and Communication is not only a job but also a career, an art, and a way of life. Those who are passionate about it will be more motivated to work better. Young people get inspiration and confidence from their predecessors. Thus, VNPR is the place where young PR practitioners find their community and meet themselves in the future.

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And they will also join us to share the same enthusiasm in developing their community, thereby contributing to this industry and society. We don’t wait for the day when we are fully qualified or become successful enough to do this. At any time, you can share to create opportunities for others. Don’t wait until you’re ready, because you never know when you’ll be ready. Taking action at a young age allows you to mature earlier, contribute to the community sooner, and move faster on your career path.

I think VNPR is a place for young people and ourselves to have the opportunity to share and exchange energy.

Anyway, VNPR is still an organization that started with experts. What do you think when experts and “young colleagues” work together in the organization?

First of all, it must be said that every organization has many different generations working together. Many organizations stagnated because each group stuck to its point of view without creating an energy collaboration. Groups tend to negate each other’s value. The front-runner sometimes seems to be condescending to the latter, and the latter thinks that the “elder group” is outdated.

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This will not be changed by any written command but by our way of life – dealing with others, understanding ourselves, understanding people, and embracing diversity. It is the story of each individual’s culture. The openness, mutual respect, the spirit of cooperation, and full understanding of our values to share and work towards a common goal are the keys to solve the problem of the generation gap.

VNPR has that spirit. The personnel operating VNPR are all millennials. Recently, VNPR has welcomed internship students, all of whom were born after 2000, who are very conscientious and fast-paced individuals. We are working together, discussing, exchanging, and understanding each other better through each project. I am also learning to change every day.
I think VNPR is a place for young people and ourselves to have the opportunity to share and exchange energy. Those who have been in the field for many years look at the spirit of young people and are motivated to be ready to learn, equipped with new knowledge and trends. In contrast, young people are also inspired by experience – they need confidence in applying their knowledge. They need to share to have faith that they will have good results when they are steadfastly moving on the right path.

Looking broadly at large models, creating continuity of generations is extremely important. That is change management. Whoever manages the change process well is the one who succeeds in creating momentum for that organization.

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Can you share some outstanding activities of VNPR in the second half of 2021?

In 2021, VNPR has launched the PR90s program, where experts and influential figures share their views and experiences around PR activities. We received many compliments for the project. In the coming time, PR90s will continue with a new look, diverse topics, and guests who are leading experts in the field, with the same goal: to contribute knowledge to the community.

In 2021, VNPR receives good news when we become a member of The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA). Being an active member of the world’s largest organization of PR will give VNPR members the chance to “go global”, step out into the world with many opportunities for development and networking. In the immediate future, we are working with PRCA to transfer the leading PR and Communications training courses to our members. I hope this will create a lot of value for the community.

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At the end of April 2021, VNPR signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Van Lang University in training students of the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications. We are implementing collaborative activities in both teaching, training, and networking opportunities together with the Faculty of Public Relations and Communications. At the end of this year, VNPR aims to organize an event honoring its professional community, an award that we cannot share much at the moment, but we are very excited and devoted to it.

In addition to activities for the PR professional community, we expect to use our professional strength to contribute to enhancing Vietnam’s image and building national pride. In 2020, we conducted the nationwide photo contest “Resilient Vietnam” and this year we will return with an activity to continue that spirit with companies and organizations of the same values.

We believe that these activities will allow VNPR to find enthusiastic, like-minded colleagues to go further and accomplish bigger goals. For young people, new members of VNPR, this is an opportunity to catch up with the exciting vibes of the PR and Communications industry at home and abroad. VNPR can’t wait to have your presence and companion soon.

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My Nguyen is the Chairman and Co-founder of VNPR. He is also the General Director at MConsultant.  Starting as an International Relations Specialist of a ministry, My Nguyen has now had more than 20 years of experience in the field of Public Relations, reputation management, and business development. His most recent position was the Director of Communications and External Relations of Coca-Cola Southeast Asia and Anheuser-Busch InBev ASEAN. Currently, My Nguyen is the Chairman of the Vietnam Public Relations Network (VNPR), the first organization for PR professionals in Vietnam, and a member of The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA).

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