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, Volunteers in Vietnam
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Despite many economic achievements, Vietnam still has a significant proportion of its population living below the poverty line, leading to a complex set of social problems. That said, Vietnam is in need of support from other countries and is an ideal destination for travelers who aspire to experience, explore and contribute to society.

The presence of foreign volunteers in Vietnam not only greatly contributes to charity projects but also enhances the spirit of the local community. Volunteer work in Vietnam is diverse, from manual work such as repairing houses for the poor to jobs that require specialized knowledge such as researching solutions to combat environmental pollution and safety. food security.
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One of the most enjoyable activities is teaching and playing with poor or disabled children. You can participate in activities as an independent volunteer or register to participate in projects organized by NGOs in Vietnam. While being a self-employed volunteer gives you more freedom and more opportunities to move from job to job, working as a team in some local programs gives you the opportunity to work in a more professional environment with a fixed schedule and you are expected to spend a minimum of 2 weeks on such projects.

However, it should be noted that some local NGOs in Vietnam are not as well organized and community-oriented as you might think; therefore, you should contact former volunteers in those NGOs and your embassy in Vietnam in advance for advice.

Issues related to the cost of participating in volunteer projects and living conditions in the local areas also need attention. Usually, if you join a volunteer organization, it will cost you about $200 for a two-week work camp as the joining fee. The organization has the ability to arrange home-based accommodation for international volunteers or other types of accommodation.
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It is suggested that it is much more beneficial to stay with local families; You have the opportunity to have direct contact with Vietnamese culture about Vietnamese traditions, lifestyle, and cuisine, and get advice from family members on everyday issues such as traffic, health protection, etc. However, living in the same place with other foreign volunteers, although the living conditions are not good due to the limited funding of NGOs, is one of the best ways to make you more independent. and make friends with people from all walks of life.

In short, you must be aware of the difficulties and challenges of being a volunteer in Vietnam; It is certainly not as relaxing as taking a normal trip but more meaningful and memorable.

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