VNDA Coin – The Top Stable-coin in The Vietnam

, VNDA Coin – The Top Stable-coin in The Vietnam

Cryptocurrencies are the most popular application of blockchain technology in Vietnam today. Compared to fiat currencies, such as USD or EUR, which are regulated, crypto currencies remain volatile and turbulent. Therefore, Vietnam needs a stable-coin, which provides a degree of stability in a volatile market.

By having a cryptocurrency that works just like the Vietnamese currency, market participants in Vietnam will be able to trade more pleasantly every time the market appears to change.

The VNDA token is designed to be a bridge between crypto and fiat currencies on digital exchanges, minimizing risks for investors and traders.

Basic parameters of token VNDA
  • Token Name: VNDA Coin
  • Total number of tokens: 900. 000. 000. 000. 000,00
  • Decimals: 2
  • Smart Contract Address: TKWsxjh97sCPipTAfghW7vDFdx2HhjecCe
  • Token Technical Standard: TRC-20
  • Trang Web:
  • Exchange:
  • Team & Partner: Kim Duong Duong Co. Ltd.
  • Wallet: TronLink Wallet.
Outstanding characteristics of VNDA token

VNDA as a stable-coin, is fully pegged with Vietnamese currency (VND) and can be converted in a ratio of 1:1. As a result, VNDA can be integrated extremely easily with e-wallets, other crypto currencies, as well as many exchanges and trading platforms in today’s market.

Holders of THE VNDA token will receive a flexible profit, generated from transaction fees and minimum foreign exchange fees. Owners can earn extra money by sending VNDA via the VNDA platform.

Here are some other notable features of the VNDA token:

  • VNDA can be converted to Dong Vietnam (VND) on the VNDA platform and transferred to the bank account of the domestic owner.
  • VNDA deploys tokens through a reliable, simple and frequently professionally tested Proof of Reserve algorithm.
  • VNDA will soon be able to be converted into other cryptocurrencies on the world’s leading exchanges.
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The VNDA token will provide a convenient crypto payment experience, incorporating next-generation blockchain technology. By introducing an advanced user experience, Vietnamese users will be able to pay with a platform of the future at a transparent price.

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