Visiting a Vietnamese family

, Visiting a Vietnamese family
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The house, as conceptualized in most Asian cultures, remains a sacred domain, where access is often restricted to trusted acquaintances and the presence of any Any uninvited guest is an intrusion of some kind. In the current of invasive globalization, this unwritten rule has actually been relaxed, leading to a paradigm shift to Western ideas, where home is a more cozy place to rest and relax. delicious eating.

However, it is still a common practice that being invited to the private home of an acquaintance, for example, in Vietnam, is a sign of elevating a friendship from a business partnership. As such, visiting a Vietnamese family leaves a very strong impression on yourself, which can facilitate or hinder any ongoing or future relationship.

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There are some general rules that need to be followed, not only once but also during your stay in the country. For example, you must take off your shoes when entering a Vietnamese house; In many cases, the owner and hostess will provide you with a pair of slippers, as leaving guests barefoot seems rather rude.

Extended families are common here, so you should bow slightly to such senior members if they are present; because they are respectful enough to be introduced first but are unlikely to accept a handshake. In addition, bringing a small gift on the first visit is also considered thoughtful. However, the type of gift depends on the specific circumstances. In most cases, a beautiful bouquet is never turned down, and if you know they have young children, sweets are a good option; Souvenirs from your home country are also greatly appreciated.

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Finally, if you come back another time, try to inform the host in advance and be on time like most Vietnamese. If you’ve known the family long enough, cultural spoofing won’t be a problem; however, these common standards are not justified.

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