Visit the Vietnamese fishing village in the top “pictured fairy villages” in the world


As an extremely famous destination in Quang Ninh, every year Cua Van fishing village welcomes a lot of tourists to visit and explore.

Bright Side, a website specializing in Science and Education, recently listed Cua Van fishing village in Quang Ninh among the 17 picturesque fairy villages in the world, ranking 7th out of 17.

Back in 2014, Travel + Leisure travel magazine had also honored Cua Van village, placing it 9th in the list of 16 most beautiful coastal destinations worldwide., a travel website, praised it as one of the 16 most beautiful fishing villages globally, comparing it to a charming hidden gem of Ha Long Bay.

Situated in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city, Cua Van fishing village boasts ancient beauty, charm, and a strong preservation of traditional culture. It is located near Ha Long Bay’s tourist pier, attracting numerous domestic and international tourists, becoming a popular destination over the years.

Cua Van fishing village rests in the tranquil waters of Ha Long Bay, with the Va Gia rocky mountain range providing an ideal anchoring spot for many boats. While the village is not situated near the center, it remains far from the shore, preserving its untamed and poetic characteristics, along with its refreshing cool air.

A unique aspect of this village lies in its small houses, each measuring about 30m2, serving as residences for the local fishermen. Despite their compact size, these houses boast striking colors, making the village distinctive and drawing the attention of numerous curious tourists who visit every year.


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