Vingroup is no longer the parent company of GeneStory.

According to the consolidated financial statements of the first quarter, Vingroup owns 99.02% of the capital of this subsidiary. After the divestment, GeneStory is no longer a subsidiary of Vingroup.

Vingroup (HoSE: VIC) announced the decision of the Board of Directors to transfer a part of capital in GeneStory Joint Stock Company. According to the consolidated financial statements of the first quarter, Vingroup owns 99.02% of the capital of this subsidiary. Sale rate and value were not disclosed. After the transfer, the group is no longer the parent company of GeneStory.

GeneStory’s mission is to help Vietnamese people understand the unknowns of their own traits, physical health, nutrition and genetic factors, so that they can predict and plan their health care in the right direction. Minimal cost and time.GeneSoty was launched and announced the latest generation gene decoding product on April 22. According to the introduction, GeneStory has a charter capital of more than 100 billion VND, bringing together about 50 leading scientists in the field of biomedical and medical information from prestigious organizations such as Harvard University (USA), University Johns Hopkins (USA), Ludwig Cancer Research Institute (USA), Golden Helix Foundation (UK), Singapore Bioinformatics Institute, Vinmec International General Hospital, Hanoi Medical University…

Vingroup divested from genetic engineering company

Vingroup divested from genetic engineering company

In addition to providing information on pathology, physical fitness, nutrition for treatment, gene decoding results from GeneStory also help customers detect faulty genes early, risk of serious and chronic diseases, recessive genetic diseases and rare diseases such as cancer, stroke, obesity, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes… From there, GeneStory will cooperate with leading doctors in the industry to provide in-depth advice and support. Assist customers in changing their health care habits such as screening, periodic health check-ups, lifestyle changes, exercise, or dietary changes.

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In particular, GeneStory’s gene sequencing service can also serve pre-marital, prenatal and newborn screening. Parents can know how their child’s body is capable of metabolizing nutrients to find an appropriate nutrition. The talent gene encoding service can also predict outstanding potentials, academic and creative qualities to help build appropriate development plans for children.

GeneStory’s advantage is its association with the VinBigData Big Data Research Institute (belonging to Vingroup). Inheriting VinBigData’s research experience through the implementation of projects such as Sequencing 1000 Vietnamese Genomes, GeneStory is also the only supplier in the Vietnamese market that comprehensively decodes indicators related to Vietnamese genomes. the ability to respond to drugs (genetic pharmacology) and side effects of drugs in the treatment of cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, rheumatic, psychiatric, cancer…

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