VinFast aims to build 150,000 charging ports with about 3,000 charging stations at locations such as apartments, parking lots,…

Recently, the Electricity of Ho Chi Minh City (EVNHCMC) had a meeting with a representative of VinFast on infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations, progress of charging stations in Ho Chi Minh City.

Accordingly, VinFast aims to build 150,000 charging ports with about 3,000 charging stations at locations such as apartments, parking lots, bus stations, rest stops on highways, highways, commercial centers,…

Charging stations include 11kW normal charging stations, 30kW and 60kW fast charging stations, 250kW super fast charging stations and 1.2kW electric motorbike charging stations. Electricity used for charging stations is paid according to the price of electricity produced.



In Ho Chi Minh City, VinFast has been building 65 charging stations and is expected to develop more in the near future.

In the near future, EVNHCMC and VinFast will agree on a coordination mechanism for EVNHCMC to have the best support (preparing power sources, guiding procedures for substation construction and connection, signing power purchase agreements, etc.).

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At the same time, EVNHCMC commits that the procedures are always resolved quickly and on time; EVNHCMC proposed to share information from Vinfast’s charging station monitoring system to better serve the power supply management.

On the other hand, EVNHCMC wants VinFast to pilot install 2 charging stations at the EVNHCMC building (District 1) and the HCMC Electricity Information Technology Company building (Tan Binh district).

Thereby, EVNHCMC will be the pioneer to experience new technologies for better management research and as well as promote and propagate the use of green, clean energy to protect the environment in Ho Chi Minh City.

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In addition, in the near future, EVNHCMC will also conduct further studies on the influence of charging stations on the power grid to ensure safe and stable operation.

According to VinFast, during the implementation process, the two sides will jointly monitor the quality of operation of the charging stations to ensure customer service with the best quality. At the same time, the two sides will continue to exchange for more cooperation in the field of energy storage batteries.

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