Vinamilk exports fresh milk with bird’s nest to Singapore

, Vinamilk exports fresh milk with bird’s nest to Singapore
  • After the export of organic fresh milk and soya bean milk to Singapore, Vietnam Dairy Products JSC, Vinamilk, has shipped its first batch of UHT fresh milk with bird’s nest to the market.
  • The high-class product was first launched in Vietnam in 2020, receiving positive feedback in the domestic market.
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According to an assessment of the product distribution partner in Singapore, the potential of this product is huge as there is currently no product similar to Vinamilk’s fresh milk with bird’s nest.

In addition to the special taste of fresh milk combined with bird’s nest, this premium nutritional product has agreat position of advantage in the Singaporean market.

Representative of the distribution company in Singapore, Ivan Tan said that people in Singapore have a high standard of living and are willing to pay for high-qualityand healthy products. In particular, as the pandemicdevelops, Singaporeans are looking for healthier lifestyles and tend to buy more imported products as they are currently restricted from traveling.

“However, their requirements are also very high, so, with the advantages of this product, we are quite confident that we will successfully promote Vinamilk’s UHT fresh milkwith bird’s nest to Singaporean consumers. In addition, the product has luxurious packaging making it very suitable as a gift,” Ivan Tan added.

Vinamilk’s organic fresh milk product was first exported to Singapore in 2019, one of the most demanding marketsin Southeast Asia in terms of import standards and the tastes of consumers. After that, Vinamilk continued to export milk made with nuts including walnuts, almonds and red beans to the country.

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