Vietnamese tourists traveling abroad increased sharply

Travel businesses said that the number of tourists researching and booking foreign tours has rebounded, which is expected to make businesses recover.

Currently, the number of tourist groups registering for foreign tours is increasing 2-3 times over the previous month and is more regular. Destinations with simple entry procedures, clear policies, short flights and safe epidemic control are very attractive.

However, according to many businesses, the price of foreign tours on the common ground is currently higher than in the same period of the years. Currently, the cost of transportation in the tourism industry accounts for 70% of the costs that customers have to pay.

The good news is that people’s travel needs now no longer care much about price, instead, customers choose service quality as the main criterion. Besides, the travel needs of customers today are not only tourism to explore and experience destinations, but also to find investment and commercial opportunities… Therefore, the quality of the tour is the biggest concern of customers.

Not only tours but there are also a lot of tourists going abroad on their own. On travel forums, more and more people are sharing tips for a smooth trip after COVID-19. With personal experience and guidance from the National Administration of Tourism, finding and preparing entry documents is no longer too difficult.

According to the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Vietnam, from June 1, the country started to issue visas again to foreign tourists to Korea after temporarily suspending it from March 14, 2020.

Visitors entering Korea for the purposes of market investigation, consulting for commercial activities, tourism, medical treatment, visiting relatives, participating in meetings, etc. will be subject to this policy.

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In the past, short-term tourist visas were only granted to subjects with special purposes including diplomacy, official service, agreements, residence, investment, and trade when coming to Korea, but now it has been expanded. for all subjects such as group tourists, self-sufficient tourists, visiting relatives, commercial …

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Along with the new visa re-issuance, Korea also recognizes the type of multiple-entry visa (Multiple Visa) with a term of 5 years that was issued before April 5, 2020, if it is still valid.

Previously, Korea also announced that Vietnamese tourists will be exempted from visa when entering Jeju and Yangyang islands on charter flights from June 1.

In addition, Japan also announced to fully open to tourism from the beginning of June.

A representative of the travel agency Vietfoot Travel said that tourists to Europe attract tourists to travel this summer. Every month, enterprises send 2-3 delegations, each group has 15 to 10 people. At this time, tourists choose to travel for a long time from 9 to 10 days instead of a short day as before, the tour price increased slightly compared to before.

In addition, many travel businesses said that they are connecting to tours to Korea and Japan in early June when these two markets open.

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