Vietnamese folk tales

, Vietnamese folk tales
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Since ancient times, Vietnamese people have had a rich moral life. A clear proof of that is that folklore is numerous in number and diverse in type. An important part of that is folk tales.

Those stories often reflect their daily activities; therefore, they are simple and common to everyone. Their characters can be real characters in real life, or are shaped to suit their personalities and life circumstances to show the content and lessons from those stories. There are three main types of folktales.

The first type is humorous stories. Since ancient times, Vietnamese people have been deeply aware of the importance of laughing people in life. Therefore, funny stories were created to bring moments of joy after tiring working days. There are two branches of funny stories: The series consists of many small anecdotes about a main character who is criticized as bad (Trang Lon), or praised briefly and skillfully (Trang Quynh).

The second type of folktale is the fairy tale. Fairy tales are divided into three smaller branches based on their content. Firstly, these stories can be told about animals such as: “The animal of heaven”, “Crow and the peacock”, “Tiger mills rice”, etc. The second main content is magical fairy tales such as: Tam Cam”, “Starfruit tree”, “Coconut skull”, “One hundred burning bamboo”, etc.

The third type is the mundane story, which tells ordinary events, however, with legendary elements such as: “Truong Chi”, “Lie like Cuoi”, “The legend of the country bird”, etc. Type of folk story Finally, the fable. In these stories, metaphors are used to express morality, philosophy, moral standards, etc. Some of the main characteristics of this type are: attacking the ruling class (in the past). ) (“Cat is a vegetarian”, “When the king of the mountain fell ill” ); criticizes bad human behavior (“Frogs on the bottom”, “Drop bait to catch the ball”); mentioned some useful experiences and lessons in real life (“The bundle of chopsticks”, “Plow in the middle of the road”).

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