Vietnamese employees are increasingly stressed

, Vietnamese employees are increasingly stressed

Among nearly 60,000 employees of more than 500 businesses surveyed, the number of people who said they will receive a salary increase in 2022 accounts for 56%. However, the stress situation in working people is also quite serious and increasing.

At the Conference “Best Places to Work in Vietnam 2022” organized by Anphabe survey reports from nearly 60,000 people working in more than 500 domestic enterprises were published.

Employee income increases

According to the above report, compared to 2021, although the business situation in 2022 is still difficult, businesses have improved employee income better. Specifically, as of September 2022, 56% of employees received a salary increase; 38% remained the same; only 6% experienced salary reduction or unstable income.

And in 2021, only 35% of workers will get a raise; the number of salary reduction/unstable salary is up to 15%.

Anphabe’s HR survey of HR Directors also forecasts an average salary increase for 2023 of 12%, continuing to outperform this year. In addition, despite new difficulties in the economic situation, many businesses have done a better job of formulating strategies and future orientation. The evidence is that the Employee Confidence Index in the company’s vision and strategy has increased to 75% in September 2022 compared to the record low of 44% in the third quarter of 2021, when the epidemic situation Illness and business is very stressful.

, Vietnamese employees are increasingly stressed

, Vietnamese employees are increasingly stressed

Figures from a survey report of nearly 60,000 people going to work in 2022. (Photo: Anphabe)

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Vietnamese employees are increasingly stressed

However, according to the above report, Vietnamese businesses cannot rejoice too soon because the in-depth survey results from Anphabe also warn that the stress in workers is quite serious and increasing. Specifically, up to 42% of working people are in a state of fatigue and boredom with stress frequency ranging from frequent to very frequent.

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In which, Manufacturing/Building Materials and Banking are the two industries with the highest number of stressed employees, followed by Manufacturing/Chemical industries; Pharmacy/Healthcare; Construction/Architecture. In terms of departmental level, the most stressed is the quality management department QA/QC, followed by the leadership and strategic management. In addition, the group of sales and customer care staff also have a high-stress rate. There are many reasons leading to this situation, revolving around 4 main groups of factors: Finance and family; Nature of work; Working environment and conditions; Office relations.

The survey “Best place to work in Vietnam 2022” was conducted from April to September, 2022 with the participation of 57,939 employees, 515 companies and in-depth surveys and interviews with about 150 leaders. Directing and managing human resources in 20 main industries.

According to the survey report, stress is the “invisible killer” that kills the motivation and engagement of employees with the business. As the frequency of stress increased, the voluntary effort to work and commitment to the company decreased. The survey results show that, in the group of employees who plan to quit within the next 6 months, the rate of stress from frequent to very frequent is 250% higher than that of the group that is only occasionally stressed.

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