Vietnamese Cilantro

, Vietnamese Cilantro
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Other names: Cilantro, Chinese coriander, coriander, yan sui

Botanical name: Coriandrum sativum

Rau mui Vietnamese cilantro

Popular in both Centre America and Southeast Asian cuisines, this type of cilantro is often thinner in stem and fader in green leaves. Rau mùi is often grown in winter in northern parts of Vietnam or in temperate zone like Dalat.
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Use: Rau mùi or ngò is widely used in Vietnamese cuisines, either in chopped up form or served with whole leaves and stems. This herb is often used to garnish fried, stir fried and stew dish to trigger a fresh flavor out of the meaty dish. Some also combines this herb with other herb and lettuce and serve fresh.

Medicinal Use: Like many other herbs, Rau mùi is also used to treat minor diseases and pains. For example, Vietnamese has hitherto used Rau mùi to reduce cholesterol level in blood, prevent bad breath create new enzyme to help the digestive system, stabilize blood glucose, among other uses.

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