Vietnam welcomes the highest international tourist arrivals in November

, Vietnam welcomes the highest international tourist arrivals in November

In November, Vietnam welcomed over 1.23 million international tourists, representing an 11% increase compared to the previous month. This marks the highest number of international arrivals in the country since the beginning of 2023.

For the cumulative 11 months, the total number of international visitors to Vietnam reached over 11.2 million.

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Vietnam aims to welcome 12 – 13 million international visitors in 2023

According to information from the National Tourism Agency, South Korea continues to be the largest source market for tourists in the past 11 months, contributing 3.2 million arrivals (28.5%). China follows in the second position with 1.5 million arrivals. The third position goes to the Taiwanese market with 758,000 arrivals, followed by the United States (4th) with 658,000 arrivals, and Japan (5th) bringing 527,000 visitors to Vietnam.

The next three positions in the top are all from the Southeast Asian region: Thailand (442,000 arrivals), Malaysia (419,000 arrivals), and Cambodia (359,000 arrivals). The Australian market holds the 9th position with 353,000 arrivals, while India is in the 10th position with 352,000 arrivals.

The United Kingdom, France, and Germany remain the largest European markets for Vietnam, with the respective numbers of arrivals being 232,000, 195,000, and 182,000.

It’s worth noting that European markets with visa exemptions recorded strong growth rates. Specifically, in November, European markets had the highest growth rate among continents, increasing by 58.5% compared to October. This includes contributions from markets on the list enjoying unilateral visa exemption policies with temporary residence permits of up to 45 days according to Resolution 128, such as the United Kingdom (+38.6%), France (+72.5%), Germany (+36.1%), Italy (+55.1%), Russia (+41.8%), Denmark (+32.9%), Sweden (+84.8%), Norway (+52.7%), Finland (+30.2%), and Spain (+15.5%).

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Meanwhile, the Chinese market continues to show growth momentum (+9.6%), the Japanese market has a slight increase (+7.7%), and the U.S. market performs well with significant growth (+18.7%). Southeast Asian markets also show positive growth: Thailand (+23.1%), Malaysia (+21.4%), Singapore (+18.2%), the Philippines (+28.1%), Indonesia (+10.8%).

With five consecutive months of welcoming over 1 million international tourists, the tourism industry has surpassed the initially set plans for the year. Based on the actual situation, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has adjusted the target for international arrivals in 2023 from 8 million to around 12-13 million, aiming to provide new impetus to accelerate recovery, promote the efficient and sustainable development of the tourism industry.

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