Vietnam visa on arrival and Vietnam Embassy visa, Which one should you choose?

If your nationality is not exempted from Vietnam visa, you need to get a visa to Vietnam: Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam Embassy visa. So, what is the difference between these two types of visas?

1. Vietnam embassy visa

– This visa is stamped on your passport at a Vietnam embassy.
– Original passport and other papers are required
– A Vietnam embassy visa is applied for those entering by land, by air or by sea.
– The processing time and fees or extra fees vary for each embassy (normally it is about 5-7 working days).

2. Vietnam visa on arrival

– Vietnam visa on arrival is only applicable to travellers entering by air.
– By applying online with a travel agent or a visa agent, you can get a visa approval letter which allows you to fly to Vietnam and have a visa stamped on your passport once you arrive at Vietnam airport.
– Getting visa approval letter is simpler and faster with online processing. You can get this letter after 2 working days or even 1 working hour and no paper is required

3. Getting a Vietnam visa on arrival is recommended for:

– Those entering Vietnam by air only

– Those living far away from a Vietnam embassy

– Those who want to save time and money without visiting an Embassy

– Those who are in urgent case. For example, their flight will take off in a next few hours and they can not board a plane when having no visa approval letter or no visa stamped on their passports. In these urgent cases, you should consider using urgent services. Using these services, you can receive a visa approval letter after 2 – 4 working hours or even 1 working hour only.

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– You even can get a Vietnam visa approval letter on holidays, weekend or beyond working hours.

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