Vietnam records 44 new local cases and 38th Covid-19 death on Thursday noon

, Vietnam records 44 new local cases and 38th Covid-19 death on Thursday noon

A 64-year-old woman who contracted the new coronavirus when being hospitalized with liver cancer in Hanoi has died, becoming Vietnam’s 38th Covid-19 death, VNExpress reported.

The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday morning that the woman died Wednesday of septic shock, liver cancer, chronic hepatitis B, hemophagocytic syndrome, leucopenia, and Covid-19 complications.

Diagnosed with liver cancer four months ago, she was announced a Covid-19 patient on May 8 when staying at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases for the cancer treatment.

A frontline facility in Covid-19 treatment, the hospital became a Covid-19 cluster on May 5. She has made the 38th Covid-19 death in Vietnam.

So far in this new wave of Covid-19, which started on April 27, Vietnam has recorded three deaths, including a 34-year-old man who also got infected when staying at the Hanoi hospital for his brain injury caused by a traffic accident, and a 89-year-old woman with diabetes and hypertension.

Previously, the country recorded 35 coronavirus deaths associated with an outbreak in Da Nang in July and August last year. Many of them were elderly patients with underlying conditions like diabetes or kidney failure, according to VNExpress.

44 new local cases announced in Vietnam on Thursday noon

All were already in quarantined or locked-down areas, Vietnam News reported.

Among 44 new local cases, Bac Giang province record 26 cases, 06 cases in Bac Ninh city, 04 cases in Dien Bien province, 2 cases in Hanoi and each for Da Nang city, Thai Nguyen city. The Hospital K Tân Triều Facility also records 4 new cases.

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