Vietnam is world’s top destination in new year 2024

Recently, the famous travel magazine Wanderlust has ranked Vietnam as one of the world’s top destinations for the upcoming New Year’s holiday.

Entering the final quarter of 2022, many people have started planning their New Year holiday trips. This is also the time when visitors can take advantage of the year-end promotions of airlines and hotels.

The writer Elizabeth Atkin of Wanderlust has compiled a list of the top 20 destinations in the world for readers to choose as the place to start a good new year.

Accordingly, Vietnam is praised by a famous magazine as a safe destination. The weather at the beginning of the year is relatively pleasant when the climate is mostly sunny and dry. At this time, the North is not too cold compared to the South. The majority of tourists have also left after the Christmas break, so if you choose to come to Vietnam at this time, everyone has the opportunity to experience a truly peaceful country.

, Vietnam is world’s top destination in new year 2024

, Vietnam is world’s top destination in new year 2024

Vietnam is praised by Wanderlust as a safe destination of 2024. Photo: Wanderlust

If you have plenty of time, take the time to explore the country. Author Atkin affirms that visitors will never be bored when setting foot in the diverse lands here: ancient Hoi An, peaceful Hanoi, vibrant Ho Chi Minh City or quiet Hue suitable for those who want to find peace and leisure on bicycles.

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Beautiful nature covers the S-shaped land. From the beautiful Ha Long Bay or Lan Ha Bay, visitors can easily go to Cat Ba Island. Exploring the world’s largest cave Son Doong or witnessing the rare golden-haired langur is also an experience not to be missed.

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, Vietnam is world’s top destination in new year 2024

, Vietnam is world’s top destination in new year 2024

January is the ideal time for travelers to explore Laos and the Mekong River. Photo: Wanderlust

Besides, the journey to explore the Mekong River and neighboring countries with Vietnam and Laos was also selected by Atkin on this list. January is said to be the right time to visit Laos when the temperature only fluctuates around 24 degrees Celsius.

A series of recommended activities for visitors to Laos for the first time can be mentioned such as exploring ancient temples, climbing Phou Si mountain, traveling along the Mekong River to the southern regions, or admiring the sights of Laos. The Mekong’s most majestic waterfall, Khon Phapheng, is often referred to as the ‘Niagara of Asia’.

The remaining destinations selected by Wanderlust on the list are Norway, Malé (Maldives), Los Angeles (USA), Slovenia, Barbados, Nicaragua (Honduras and El Salvador), Hill Country (Sri Lanka), Panama, Antarctica, Macaws (Peru), England, Poland, Tanzania, India, Scotland, Sweden, Australia.

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