Booking.com issued the Asia-Pacific Travel Confidence Index (TCI) 2023 on July 4, after surveying over 8,000 passengers from 11 countries and territories from April to May.

This research presents a striking paradox. Although finance remains the primary issue (42%), 73% of tourists are nevertheless positive about their travel plans for the coming 12 months.

Despite complex problems like inflation, and climate change, around 53% of travelers polled had no intention of postponing any travel plans.

Even more remarkable, 59% of these travelers want to increase the number of trips and their travel expenditure for the year, in addition to keeping to their original travel plans.

Vietnam is the only market in the “Mindful Voyagers” group (mindful, conscientious travelers), approaching tourism with caution and thoughtfulness, is environmentally responsible, and is keen to support local communities.

When it comes to behavior, 38% of Vietnamese people seek new experiences and challenges when traveling. 35% of Vietnamese travelers want to explore their own country more, while 34% prefer to visit less famous tourist locations.


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