Vietnam is in top 3 countries with the highest tourism growth in the world

Rapidly changing the state and promptly responding to the outbreak of the disease have helped Vietnam effectively improve its position in economic and tourism rankings.

With a flexible policy to cope with COVID-19, opening international borders early, Vietnam’s economy continuously received positive signals, international tourism increased sharply, ranking of the fastest-growing travel industry in the world.

The post-COVID-19 recovery index improved strongly, while credit institutions also adjusted their assessment of Vietnam’s economic outlook in a more positive direction.

According to the World Economic Forum’s tourism and tourism development index 2021 report, Vietnam’s tourism has increased 8 places. With 6/17 pillar indexes ranked among the top in the world, Vietnam’s tourism ranks among the top 3 fastest growing countries. Results from the government’s flexible response policy to the epidemic.

The Barnama news site of Malaysia also recorded the same assessment, saying that the number of international visitors to Vietnam increased 4.5 times compared to 2021. In the first 5 months of the year, revenue from tourism increased by 34.7%.

“After opening the border since March 15, many Koreans have paid attention, visited and worked in Vietnam. Currently, planes traveling between Korea and Vietnam are out of space for bookings and flights. Traveling between the two sides is increasing gradually. Summer is coming, the tourist season of Koreans, that’s why we expect many airports, not just some airports like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, but many other airports will be crowded with Korean tourists,” said Mr. Hong Sun, Vice President of the Korean Business Association in Vietnam.

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A safe destination, cheap travel costs, friendly people, many attractive tourist attractions… are the strengths of Vietnam for international tourists, according to AsiaHighlight.

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Besides, with the lifting of medical declarations and opening of doors early, Vietnam is recognized by many newspapers as having easy entry procedures.

“Vietnam’s flexible response policy has helped international tourists have more advantages when entering the country. International tourists rate Vietnam as one of the countries with convenient entry procedures, a safe environment and many destinations,” said Ms. Noemi Perez, General Manager of Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat.

It is also from the Government’s flexible response policy that has helped Vietnam rapidly improve its position on the post-epidemic recovery index.

According to Blomberg, in May, Vietnam’s position increased 14 places to 22nd in the ranking.

“We highly appreciate the decision and efforts of the Vietnamese Government in flexibly responding to the epidemic, towards promoting economic recovery. Other macroeconomic and fiscal policies are helping to stabilize and restore the economic recovery and growth in 2022. Vietnam has an impressive record of vaccinations. Just last year, many regions were still struggling with COVID-19 and now we are in the new normal where all economic activity has returned. This will help the economy return to high growth momentum,” said Ms. Michele Wee, General Director of Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam.

Rapidly changing the state and promptly responding to the epidemic developments have helped Vietnam effectively improve its position in economic and tourism rankings, creating a positive premise for post-pandemic economic recovery. At the same time, it helps to attract foreign investors, move factories and supply chains from other countries to Vietnam, contributing to the country’s economic development.

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