Vietnam is becoming an important destination for Walmart Group


Mr. Avaneesh Gupta, the Executive Vice President of Walmart Group, is the one who paid a visit to Vietnam. Walmart recognizes Vietnam as an essential supply source for them.

To become part of Walmart’s billion-dollar value chain in the global market, local businesses should focus on developing strategies with long-term goals, addressing supply chain and logistics issues, and enhancing product design and development capabilities.

Additionally, when evaluating potential suppliers in Vietnam, Walmart considers factors such as capacity and supply capacity, financial stability, commitment to sustainable development, and compliance with environmental regulations. Vietnam has great potential to become a significant player in Walmart’s global supply chain.

In a recent interview, the Vice President of Walmart Group, Avaneesh Gupta, shared his enthusiasm for the company’s diverse business and the promising potential for forging new supplier connections. Mr. Gupta noted that Walmart has engaged in productive discussions with numerous suppliers from various industries, many of whom offer products that align with their criteria. The company has thoughtfully categorized these suppliers for further exploration, with the expectation that these connections will unlock new sources of supply for Walmart Group.

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