Vietnam is a potential market for US high-quality agricultural products

, Vietnam is a potential market for US high-quality agricultural products

US agricultural exports to Vietnam increase by 40% in value in the last five years to reach 3.7 billion USD, making Vietnam the seventh largest country market for US agricultural products.

This is the sharing of the United States of America, Ms Marie C. Damour in the launching ceremony of United Tastes,a branding and integrated marketing initiative to promote US agricultural products for the Vietnam market on 18 March.

“Agriculture trade is an important aspect of the US-Vietnam bilateral relationship and has grown remarkably over the past 25 year”, she continued, communication about food and food culture is an excellent way to bring the 2 countries closer together.”

Therefore, the US aims to boost the promotion of its high-value, high-quality, safe and healthy products to Vietnam, one of its potential markets. The United Tastes will represent US’ brands to connect, educate, and inspire Vietnamese consumers about the quality and value of US agricultural products.

Agricultural Counselor, Mr. Robert Hanson informed that Vietnamese consumers will be provided with full information of the farming process because food safety is a top priority for US agricultural producers.

Soybeans, raw corn, pork and beef have been the US’ largest export products to the Vietnam market. Recently, the US is boosting exports of Alaska seafood, apples, blueberries and cake’s raw materials… to Vietnam. These are products presented in the online and offline United Tastes campaigns.

Chef Tristan Ngo, a Vietnamese American said he is happy to see more cooking ingredients are coming. He has owned an American style restaurant in Vietnam for more than 20 years, but only in recent years has he had enough ingredients for his American dishes.

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“Today, Vietnamese people are open to American food, making our business more busy. I can recall that our menu only had a few pages of American food, in the past. Now, it’s full of American dishes. With diverse food choices coming, I have more chances to introduce US culinary to foodies in Vietnam.” Tristan Ngo added.

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