Vietnam in top 7 dangerous destinations for tourists to self drive

, Vietnam in top 7 dangerous destinations for tourists to self drive

Vietnam is one of 7 spots American travel newspaper Travel off Path, based on data conducted by The Swiftest, has ranked the 7 most dangerous destinations for tourists to drive themselves.

The ranking is made only of top 50 tourist attractions in the world. Data is based on the latest road traffic statistics compiled for destinations in this group. “Interestingly, the least safe places on the list are the favorite hot spots for American tourists, especially this winter,” the newspaper commented.

Việt Nam là một trong 7 điểm đến nguy hiểm để du khách tự lái xe - ảnh 1

Việt Nam là một trong 7 điểm đến nguy hiểm để du khách tự lái xe - ảnh 1

Foreign tourists often face difficulties when traveling and crossing the road. Photo: NT

The majority of Western countries have a convenient train and bus network for travelers to reach famous attractions without needing to drive a personal car. But many Asian destinations, especially Southeast Asia or the Caribbean, are heavily dependent on private vehicles due to lack of public transport.

Visitors to these areas can rent a self-drive car to explore the island’s paradise scenery, but it’s not without risk. The most dangerous country for tourists to drive is the most visited resort in the Caribbean.

To rank this list, The Swiftest selected the top 50 destinations in the world and collected a lot of statistical data, including road traffic accident data according to World Health Organization (WHO) standards. The list of top 7 destinations in order includes Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran and South Africa.

Among these are the top 3 destinations in Southeast Asia. Although Vietnam is considered by the US newspaper as the safest destination in the region with a low crime rate, the number of people experiencing road traffic accidents is high. In addition, Thailand was a destination with a number of international visitors before the pandemic of up to 40 million and now reaching 10 million.

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Leading the list is the Dominican Republic because it has a very high rate of road traffic accidents. Every year, about 3,000 people die from accidents, higher than in African or Latin American countries. However, these countries are not included in the list because they are not popular destinations for international tourists.

In addition, list of 10 safest destinations for tourists to drive includes Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland/Sweden, UK, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Israel/Spain, Netherlands, Australia/Austria.


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