Vietnam in three days

, Vietnam in three days
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If you have 3 days or less in Vietnam, it’s best to spend your time in a city with the possibility of day trips to nearby attractions.

Many visitors come to Vietnam as a stopover, during a trip to neighboring Southeast Asian countries or for business purposes (read Business Visas to Vietnam section). Many of them find themselves with a few days in Vietnam and don’t know how to see the best places they are staying.

If you have 3 days or less, it’s best to spend time in a city with the possibility of a day trip to nearby attractions. The following suggested trips are based on the assumption that your starting point is one of the main cities in Vietnam. It’s all a do-it-yourself journey. However, if you prefer a pre-arranged tour, there are plenty of day trips to the main attractions in these cities.

  • Ho Chi Minh in 3 days
  • Hanoi in 3 days
  • Hue in 3 days
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