Vietnam has world’s most attractive destination in 2023

, Vietnam has world’s most attractive destination in 2023

New York Times (USA) ranked Ha Giang in top 25 most attractive destinations in the world this year.

, Vietnam has world’s most attractive destination in 2023

, Vietnam has world’s most attractive destination in 2023

Ha Giang is famous for its bends. Photo: Quang Anh Vu/Unsplash.

The list given by travel writers of the New York Times includes 52 places. Ha Giang ranks 25th on this list and is the only destination in Vietnam to appear.

Writer Patrick Scott shared: “The experience of riding a motorbike for a few days in highlands of Ha Giang is not for faint-hearted. This place is about 6 hours from Hanoi. The steep, zigzag roads and successive turns make the journey both dangerous and exciting.”

According to the New York Times, infrastructure development and upgrading projects have made the roads easier to travel. The prestigious American newspaper also suggested that visitors to Ha Giang “cannot miss the boat trip through the gorge, watching the emerald river at Ma Pi Leng pass”.

The top destination on this list is London (UK). The American newspaper presents London as having everything visitors need, such as a diverse cuisine, convenient public transport and 95 free museums to visit. In 2023, London promises to be the number-one destination in the world when King Charles III is crowned in May. This is the first coronation ceremony in the UK in 70 years.

du lich 2023 anh 1

du lich 2023 anh 1

London could be the world’s top destination in 2023. Photo: Asia Wings.

2nd place belongs to a destination in Asia – Morioka (Japan). The land of cherry blossoms has reopened to international visitors and 2023 is the right time to explore Morioka.

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Compared to other famous Japanese destinations, Morioka still has few tourists. However, this is a “hidden gem” with a location only about 2.5 hours by train from Tokyo.

“It’s a charming city with great street food and some of the best coffee in the country. Morioka is also an ideal base for exploring the surrounding areas with mountains and hot springs.” quoted New York Times.

The remaining positions in the top 10 include Navajo tribal park (Arizona, USA), Kilmartin Glen (Scotland), Auckland (New Zealand), Palm Springs hot springs (California, USA), Kangaroo island (Australia), river Vjosa (Albania), Accra (Ghana) and Tromso (Norway).

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