Vietnam detects illegally imported elephant tusks

, Vietnam detects illegally imported elephant tusks

Haiphong City’s Department of Customs on February 2 coordinated with the competent authorities to inspect and detect nearly 500 kilograms of elephant tusks illegally imported from Africa through Lach Huyen port, the local media reported.

A representative of the Haiphong Department of Customs said the shipment was registered on the customs declaration as being imported into Vietnam on January 28 by HMD Technicality Technology Joint Stock Company located in Hoa Binh Commune, Thuong Tin District, Hanoi City.

The goods was found in one container on board the XIN WEN ZHOU 147E vessel, which arrived at Lach Huyen port on January 22.

Pursuant to its customs declaration, the goods was declared by the company as bull horns which would be used for manufacturing handicrafts, and originated from Nigeria.

The customs was suspicious of elephant tusks being hidden in the container. Therefore, on February 2, they coordinated with other relevant authorities to inspect the suspected container and detected nearly 500 kilograms of elephant tusks.

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