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Gone are the days when Vietnam was a country of war, death and despair. Although the passage of time has been long enough for the green grass to grow on the old battlefields and the forests that were said to be permanently damaged by the war to recover and grow to life, but the vestiges of war still exist. present as witnesses. of history. Many veterans cannot escape the haunting of war, which haunts them every night, even following them for the rest of their lives. They did not dare to return to Vietnam, for fear of facing harsh sanctions from the Vietnamese.
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But perhaps, only when they return to Vietnam, can these veterans find peace in their souls and permanently close the past chapter of their lives. The reality is that most of the veterans return to Vietnam for medical treatment and indeed they did so thanks to the hospitality of the Vietnamese people and the vivid changes the country has made.

If you are a veteran, it is certain that you will find it hard to resist the desire to return to Vietnam, face the past and have a close encounter with local soldiers who once belonged to another side of the battlefield. For the Vietnamese who have experienced the war, it will certainly never be forgotten. Although it still reminds them of lingering pain, they are willing to let go of the past because they consider their long-term self-control worth the pain and they feel proud of it. there. At least they make sacrifices for the future lives of their children.

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However, you can almost see the Vietnamese talking about the war with stern courage when they realize that they have paid an exorbitant price for peace and freedom; victory is not something to be proud of; No war is better. For Vietnamese born in peaceful times, they find the past even easier.
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So many veterans will surely be surprised at how welcoming the Vietnamese are. As a veteran, you will choose to find your way back and find your old self or go on humanitarian tours with veterans like you. Both ways promise a great experience.

A meet and greet with North Vietnam veterans at old wartime posts is sure to help you find solace. Participating in activities that contribute to the development of war-torn rural areas should also be on your itinerary. Experiencing the rapid changes of old places can give you a refreshing feeling and leave in your mind the image of a newly emerging, peaceful and vibrant Vietnam. Combine small trips to historical sites with cultural excursions to complete your nostalgic journey to the past.

So, veterans, is there anything stopping you from going back to Vietnam? Just come to Vietnam to realize the fact that the war is over and we are no longer enemies. If you need special advice to tailor your own tour, please email and share with us your needs.

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