Vam Ho bird sanctuary

, Vam Ho bird sanctuary

Vam Ho is a wetland in Ba Tri, Ben Tre, 52 km east of Ben Tre town and 120 km south of Ho Chi Minh City.

This breathtaking site is filled with wild forests with a variety of trees including nipa, dates, mangroves, reeds and acacias. This is a favorite destination for many animals, especially birds, which this region devotes a lot of attention to. There are about 84 species of birds belonging to 35 classes, including 500,000 storks. From April to October is the most suitable time to watch storks because this is the time when they take shelter in Vam Ho to breed and raise young.
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Birds can be seen during the day, but the early evening after 5pm is the most enjoyable time to see them. At sunset, thousands of healthy storks fly across the Ba Lai River to cycle under the bright sky and land in the middle of the green forest. The sound of thousands of birds playing, dancing and humming becomes the enchanting song of the forest. Besides the song of storks, there are various rhythms and calls of other wind birds mixed with the sound of leaves, making the quiet summer night become sparkling and full of excitement.

Inside Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary, visitors have the opportunity to take a boat excursion, through the flooded forest and step along the narrow bamboo bridges to fill their chest with the fresh air of a Wetlands are well preserved. In addition, visitors can rest in the shade of the forest or visit the relics of the Vietnam – American resistance war.

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Useful information

  • Location: Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

  • Best for: All Visitors

  • Free admission

  • Hours: Recommended to visit during the day

  • Distance to city center: 17.4km (10.8 mi)

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