Users need to be careful with scams on Telegram app

Using Telegram brings great security and utility to users. However, this is also a vulnerability many objects take advantage of to scam users.

Types of scams on Telegram

1. Create a community building group

The most common scam on Telegram is creating groups to build communities, creating channels, joining groups on Telegram to earn money as well as creating bots on Telegram to earn money according to your creativity:

– The working form of creating money-making bots on Telegram will usually be to watch ads on that bot and receive coins. When reaching a certain amount of coins, users can withdraw coins to their account. This monetization is based on the advertiser’s request.

– Form of creating groups, creating channels, joining groups to make money: In fact, this is a place for users to share how to make money, projects, earn coins, earn tokens… because Telegram allows users to create groups up to 200,000 members.

However, when participating in these forms of money, users need to be very careful because they may encounter fraudulent objects. They will blend into these groups and refer, share, entice… other users to make money.

Once done, they will not pay a commission or users may lose money when clicking on shared black links.

In addition to Facebook, Zalo, users need to be careful with scams on Telegram application

In addition to Facebook, Zalo, users need to be careful with scams on Telegram application

2. Investment scam tricks

Also taking advantage of investment sharing groups, scammers will entice users to invest. Before, to create trust for users, they may use tricks such as:

– Build a rich image, ride a luxury car, buy a house, travel abroad…

– Build the image of someone who specializes in reading investment orders. Initially, it may be possible to “drop” the user a small profit from the orders they read. However, when the investment amount is more and more, then they will hold the money and run away or “wash off” the responsibility for the loss of the user’s investment money…

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Being scammed on Telegram, how can users report it?

If unfortunately being scammed on this free messaging platform, users need to keep all messages, transactions… related to this scam and can report it in one of the following ways:

– Call the hotlines of the competent police agencies of each province or city where the scammer resides (if he knows who the scammer is) or his place of residence (if he doesn’t know the subject). Who is the scammer) or phone number 113, 069.219.4053 of the Department of Cybersecurity and crime prevention using high technology…

– Send the denunciation directly to the commune-level police agency or police investigation agency at all levels and attach the whistleblower’s identity papers as well as accompanying evidence…

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