Unpacked list

Unpacked list
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, Unpacked listThis is general advice for travelers. Exceptions may apply for business travelers or those with special needs:

• Clothes that need ironing: you won’t have time, nor will you find an iron or electricity to polish your clothes. In addition, high heels will only take up space with little added benefit. By the way, who wears high heels when hiking?

• Plus size shampoo, bath cream, mouthwash, toothpaste and you-name-it. Unless you are really special about usage, you can always buy these when you get back to Vietnam

• Sleeping bags: they are bulky and unnecessary for Vietnam’s weather conditions. Instead, choose a nice bed sheet or silk that can be purchased while you are in the country.

• Jewelry and valuables: shout “Root! I’m rich.”

• Raincoats: in Vietnam, raincoats are usually very thin and light, cheap dirt is available in every corner. Umbrellas are also not known to be expensive.

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