Universities in Hanoi

Universities in Hanoi

As a city that is economically growing at a monumental rate, Hanoi is well endowed with educational institutions. Locals nowadays are raised with a strong mathematics background, so it’s no surprise that Hanoi places a massive emphasis on its science and technology sectors. Some of the best universities in Southeast Asia are located here, and Hanoi attracts thousands of international students every year. What’s more, districts like Dong Da and Hai Ba Trung are rich in educational institutes, as well as being within close range of the city centre.

Good to know:

All university web sites are also in English, so be sure to check up on all necessary information before making your choice.

Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)

Established in the mid-fifties, HUST comprises of more than 30 faculties, schools and research centres. It is equipped with 200 laboratories and upwards of 70 different majors can be studied here. This prestigious university has won numerous awards and in 2017, gained accreditation from the French High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education. One of the most alluring facts about HUST is that tuition fees for foreigners tally in at the same $1,000 per year that it costs locals.

Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)

With over 1,100 international students, one must ask what makes VNU so enticing. Firstly, this is the largest educational institute in the country and has a quality of human resources unparalleled by any other university. Also, VNU maintains a very important position in Hanoi’s higher education system and works directly with governmental bodies, people’s committees and ministerial level organisations. This potentially creates some of the best opportunities a graduate can hope for, as they progress into the working world. The individual schools are spread across Hanoi’s various districts, and collectively, VNU’s libraries contain nearly 150,000 books.

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Hanoi University

Founded in 1959, this university, commonly known as HANU, is situated in the Thanh Xuan district and is well known for its rugged selection policy. This is one of the oldest educational resources in the country, however recent years have seen a wave of innovative improvements to cater to a more modern way of life on campus. At present, HANU has a strong emphasis on accounting and finance courses. Roughly 40% of international students are accepted onto programmes here, and tuition fees can run up to $2,500 per year.

Procedures for enrolling in universities in Hanoi

As with any form of higher education, the procedure must be followed, but with universities in Hanoi, this process is fairly straightforward. Applicants on any bachelor course must submit their application form with a notarized translation of their high school and college qualifications. A copy of passport and four passport photos must also be provided, along with a completed health check.


Many of the local university web sites are behind the times, and so some information might be outdated. To avoid any confusion later down the line, contact the university yourself to verify the correct application deadlines.

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