According to the medical record, L.A.Q. (14 years old, male, Dak Lak province) was admitted to the Central Highlands General Hospital at 18:24 on March 22, and N.D.N. (14 years old, male, Dak Lak province) was hospitalized with various injuries.

Patient L.A.Q. suffered numerous complex wounds in the jaw, face, and eyes, corneal ulcers, many complicated wounds in the chest, burnt abdomen, crushed hands on both sides, crushed two feet, and many thigh wounds as a consequence of the diagnosis.

And patient N.D.N had numerous severe wounds in the jaw, face, eyes, chest, belly, two hands, and feet, as well as critical and intricate injuries.

According to the patient’s relatives, the two boys played with homemade firecrackers, causing explosions and firing at bystanders.

The Central Highlands General Hospital decided to transfer the two children to Cho Ray Hospital for timely treatment due to the two patients’ complicated conditions.


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