Traveling to Vietnam

traveling to Vietnam

Citizens from many countries across the globe require visas to enter Vietnam, so it is strongly advised to obtain all the necessary information prior to departure.

Unless your country has signed a visa exemption agreement with Vietnam, you will be required to present an approved visa letter on arrival. Ensure that you have checked all entry requirements, customs regulations, and other relevant information in due course before your arrival to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Visa exemption

You will find a list of countries whose citizens are exempted from obtaining an entry visa on the official website of your embassy. It is important to note that an exemption often has a maximum duration of 15 days. However, citizens from a small number of countries are subject to slightly longer durations. Even if your passport is from an exempted country, if you plan on staying longer you must go through the standard process and apply for the appropriate visa.

Visa application

A range of visa types exist for various reasons for entry into the country. You can browse these, choose what is most appropriate for your travel, and easily start your application by applying online. If this website does not meet your requirements, for example, if you have a more complicated travel situation, it is recommended that you contact your nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate who will assist you through a tailored process.

Typical documents required are your application form, a certified copy of your passport, and recent passport-sized photographs. As needed for many other countries, before entering Vietnam, ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after the expiry date of your visa.

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An application fee will apply. Fees and documentation are subject to change, so please read the instructions provided on your application forms.

Although not always needed, it is advised that you start the application procedure at least a month before the scheduled date of your departure, so as to ensure that you allow enough time for any potential issues during the process. There are fast-track options if you find yourself in instant need of a visa, but these will come at an extra cost.

Good to know:

The standard visa application process will grant you a visa acceptance letter which you will be required to produce, along with your passport and the required documentation, upon arriving in the country.

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