Toyota Vietnam stated that it does not have a policy to require customers to buy accessories if they want to receive the car soon, and said that it will handle distributors if violations are detected.

“Beer with peanuts” is a phrase that many customers use to refer to buying a car but must buy an additional package of accessories to receive the car early. This problem has become more acute recently, when demand for cars is high, while supply is limited due to a global shortage of components.

Speaking about the “beer with peanuts” car buying style, Toyota Vietnam said that “recently, it has received some information about customers having to buy accessories with the car if they want to receive the car soon”. The Japanese automaker affirmed that “there is no such policy”, and emphasized the “first come, first served” policy.

Khách phàn nàn vì mua xe kiểu bia kèm lạc, Toyota Việt Nam nói gì? - 1

Khách phàn nàn vì mua xe kiểu bia kèm lạc, Toyota Việt Nam nói gì? - 1

According to Toyota Vietnam, the company has asked dealers to comply with the above policy to ensure the interests of customers. At the same time, buyers can contact Toyota’s hotline to receive feedback. “We will receive and take action if we detect any violations from the dealer,” the automaker confirmed in the notice.

This is not the first time Toyota Vietnam has officially announced the sale of a “beer with peanuts” car. However, so far, the company has not announced any information about the offending agent or specific handling method, although it previously said it had “received some information” from customers. 

Below Toyota Vietnam’s post about the above announcement, many Facebook users said that the situation of “beer with peanuts” still took place. 

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“Go check it out and know how Toyota dealers work? Dealers have a lot of ways around it, like not forcing them to buy, but having to wait and make an appointment and then make an appointment with all sorts of reasons. I’m the one who encountered the school. In this case, I bought a car for the first time, but I had to turn around and choose another company,” wrote an account named Phong Le.

“Hopefully Toyota can say it, do it. Don’t let it affect the image that Toyota has built,” commented one customer. “The problem is whether the company wants to tighten or not, but dealers have many ways to make it difficult for customers. On the contrary, users should not help sell “beer with peanuts” cars anymore, if they don’t buy, they sell. for whom”.

Selling cars like “beer with peanuts” has made many customers bored. Some Hyundai dealers even sell the price difference, which means that customers buy a car higher than the suggested price without any additional accessories. Some sales consultants “screamed” the Santa Fe price difference by 70-130 million VND to have a car for immediate delivery; this figure for Tucson is about 50-100 million dong.


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