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You are yearning to see another world, experience and learn new things; Vietnam is a suitable place for you to satisfy your thirst for discovery. Indeed, Vietnam is also a “hot” destination for students with tight budgets. If visiting Vietnam, backpackers should not miss the opportunity to visit Vietnam’s neighboring countries such as Laos and Cambodia to have a broader view of Southeast Asia and experience the excitement of traveling. Very convenient and reasonably priced.

Here are some tips for international students in Vietnam:

first – You should try to learn how to bargain using body language in Vietnam and at the very least, you should have a good understanding of the Vietnamese currency and the Vietnamese cost of living. Remember to ask the price before buying anything and using any service.

2 – You should have an International Student Identification Card (ISIC), which saves you a lot of money on admission, plane tickets, train tickets, etc. In Vietnam, most museums, cinemas, hospitals, and other facilities. Other utilities all offer student discounts, so feel free to ask for a discount if you’re a student and you can prove it.
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3 – If you want to stay in Vietnam for a long time, you can easily make a living by teaching English at English centers and Primary schools even though you have no teaching experience.

4 – Volunteering in Vietnam through NGOs is not a bad idea as it can help you do your volunteer work in an organized way. However, you must pay the participation fee and other costs. Being an independent volunteer is another way to travel more proactively. If you have any problems with your accommodation and volunteer work, please contact us. Our editors are ready to give you the best advice in a timely manner and more importantly, it’s completely free.

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5 – You must be on the lookout for travel scams as students are considered a reliable target for travel scams due to your inexperience (please do not note if you are a travel expert) and expect looking for a bargain. Just be on the lookout for any possible problems and take the time to plan your trip well, and you’ll save money and have an enjoyable trip.

It would be a good idea to visit to find local friends willing to show you around or even let you stay in the house with them. This is a trusted site and most of the Vietnamese members on the site are students so make sure they understand what you students need to have a good trip. So what else do you hesitate? Just start looking for more information about Vietnam right away and plan your trip.

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