Top localities with increasingly expensive living costs

According to the Spatial Cost of Living Index (SCOLI) report 2021 of the General Statistics Office, Hanoi leads the way as the most expensive city and Tra Vinh has the cheapest cost of living in the country.

Hanoi is the most expensive locality in the country, Quang Ninh ranks second in the country with the SCOLI index in 2021 equal to 99.5% compared to Hanoi, up 4 places compared to 2020. Most of the commodity groups of Quang Ninh are lower than Hanoi by 4-8%. Food and food service groups are higher than Hanoi by 102.18% and tobacco by 107.12%.

Localities with increasingly expensive living costs - Photo 1.Localities with increasingly expensive living costs - Photo 1.

Source: GSO

The third place in the country is Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City with a SCOLI index of 98.98%. Followed by Da Nang and Hai Phong with the SCOLI index of 96.4% and 95.58% respectively. 

Compared to 2020, in 2021, there will be 31 localities with fluctuations in price reduction, 27 localities with increased levels of expensiveness and 5 localities with no fluctuations. In which, there are 10 localities where the cost of living is getting more and more expensive, increasing from 8 to 22 steps.

The province with the most expensive increase is Kien Giang, from 39th position in 2020 to 17th in 2021 with a SCOLI index of 93.54%. According to the report, the province’s SCOLI index increased mainly due to 6.78% higher in beverage and tobacco, 4.89% higher in post and telecommunications, and 6.34% in higher education. 

Next is Khanh Hoa province, up 15 places compared to 2020, increasing from 94.13% to 94.55% and ranked 8th in 2021. The report shows that the prices of beverages and cigarettes are 10 times higher. ,93% compared to Hanoi, the group of drugs and medical services is 7.38% higher,. 

Ha Tinh is the province with the third most change in cost of living, from 35th place in 2020 to 22nd position, up 13 places because the group of beverages and tobacco is 11.44% higher than Hanoi, the group of drugs. and medical services is 7.37% higher. 

Dong Thap from 59th position in 2020 to 47th position because beverage and tobacco group is 16.99% higher than Hanoi, post and telecommunications group is 6.51% higher.

Some other provinces with an increasing cost of living are Bac Kan (up 10 places), Vinh Phuc (up 10 places), Lang Son (up 9 places), Dong Nai (up 8 places) and Ha Nam (up 8 places). step).

In particular, in localities with increasingly expensive living costs, Khanh Hoa and Lang Son are among the top 10 localities with the highest SCOLI index in 2021. 

Source: CafeF

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