Tissot Watch: The Forefront of Watchmaking In 2021

, Tissot Watch: The Forefront of Watchmaking In 2021

Tissot, the innovative watch brand founded in the mid-19th century, now operates in 160 countries, a feat unmatched by any other Swiss watchmaker. Since its founding in 1853, the Tissot company has been headquartered in its hometown of Le Locle in the Swiss Jura Mountains, cementing the company’s Swiss identity.

Tissot watches are available in a variety of technical configurations, including automatic and quartz movements, as well as models powered by solar cells.  Today, Tissot’s collection is divided into several product categories, including sports watches, smartwatches, and dress watches.  Tissot Visodate is one of the most popular automatic watches in the Tissot collection.

The Chronicles of  Tissot Watch Company

Tissot is a Swiss watch manufacturer that is part of the Swatch Group. It is headquartered in Le Locle, Neuchatel. Charles-Félicien Tissot (a gold case fitter) and his son Charles-Emile Tissot (a watchmaker) laid the company’s foundations on July 1, 1853.  Previously, Tissot’s timepieces were primarily pocket watches, luxurious pendant watches, or complication timepieces. These were primarily destined for the US and Russian markets at the time. Later that year, in 1883, his son, Charles Emile, took over the business. And in 1915, encouraged by his son Paul, Charles Emile entered the wristwatch manufacturing business.

By 1920, the company had established a firm foothold in this new venture. And this marked Tissot’s entry into the wristwatch market. It gained enormous popularity in the 1980s and 1990s with the introduction of a series of fashionable wristwatches with cases made of unusual materials such as granite and wood. It revolutionized the late-nineteenth-century era with its back-to-back innovations. In 1853, it introduced both the first mass-produced pocket watch and the first pocket watch with dual time zones. It also introduced the first anti-magnetic watch in 1929–30.

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1.    Tissot’s Brochure Collection

Tissot watches are available in a variety of technical configurations, including automatic and quartz movements, as well as models powered by solar cells. The majority of models are available in a variety of different styles, including stainless steel, gold, titanium, platinum, or combinations of several metals, as well as dials with a variety of different designs and bracelets.

Today, the Tissot collection is divided into seven product categories, as detailed below:

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Except for the Tissot men’s watches, which you can find in the Tissot T Lady range, you will find most of the iconic Tissot women’s watches in the Tissot T Lady range. To name a few of the most popular, we have the Flamingo, Lovely, Generosi-T, and Cera collections. Diamonds and mother of pearl dials are part of some Tissot women’s watches, some of which are even fitted with real diamonds.


Most of the Tissot T Classic range consists of classical, discreet, and timeless designs. This boutique emporium is where you will find the Luxury, Bridgeport, Couturier, and Tradition collections. It can even be said that models such as the highly acclaimed T-Complication Squelette are also included in this fury, which allows it to be exceptionally versatile.


While remaining true to its traditions. Even though Tissot has made pocket watches since the year 1853, they are still making them today. The Tissot pocket watches also validate the fine craftsmanship of the brand, but they also prove that the brand is a master of its craft. The collections comprise of the Musical Seasons pocket watches, which play music through mechanical parts, as well as the Savonnette, which has a design all its own.

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Only in the Tissot T Gold collection will you find all of Tissot’s gold watches. This is a great collection, which is continually being added to each year. Timepieces from the Tissot 18 kt Gold Vintage collection have become extremely popular recently, with the introduction of new styles such as the Gold Vintage men’s collection and the Gold Vintage ladies collection.

While “Innovators by Tradition” is the signature phrase of the Tissot brand, it’s entirely accurate to say that the Tissot timepieces are also innovators by tradition. Since the beginning of their partnership, they have been continuing to demonstrate their dedication to innovation and technological advances. As well as their never-ending quest for challenging themselves and rising to excellence, this is propelling them in that direction.


The Tissot Heritage range includes the newly-refurbished editions of watches which are inspired by the Tissot’s vintage collections. These were put into service on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the company in 2003. You can today purchase the Heritage Navigator and Tissot Visodate, which are both Tissot automatic watches, and two other absolute top sellers as one of the most popular Tissot watches.

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The Tissot T Touch Collection is made up of multifunction tactical watches, which feature functions such as chronograph, altimeter, compass, thermometer, barometer, alarm, and date and time that can be accessed by touching the sensor-equipped sapphire watch glass.


Tissot watches from the Tissot T Sport collection include the Tissot T Sport Sport Watch and the Tissot T Sport Diver Watch.This time we will take a look at some fine watches and highly sought-after timepieces such as the Tissot PRS 516, V8, Tissot Seastar 1000, and Tissot T Race. This collection is all about Tissot watches for men, but there are also sporty Tissot ladies’ watches in there for those who prefer a bit of a different style.

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Although each sport has its ladies’ specific features, everything that applies to all sports is here, like timers for racing splits, regattas, diving, and tide indicators for sailing or surfing. Every sport requires its style of timekeeping and since these Tissot T Touch Tissot specific customizations are made for all sports, the timekeeping of a Tissot T Touch from a sport can be found to suit the athletes. In the newest models in the Tissot Touch series, we have The Tissot T Touch Expert Solar and T-Touch Lady Solar which are capable of 25 functions. Tissot is especially well-positioned to remain at the forefront of watchmaking for many future centuries with their line of T-Touch family extensions, which brings modern interpretations to classics like the Tissot T-Complication Squelette and traditional timepieces like the Tissot Le Locle Automatic.

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