Tips For Teaching English in Vietnam

, Tips For Teaching English in Vietnam

These days there are many reasons why people want to move to Vietnam and teach English. Everything from developing your skills as a professional to learning about a new culture, there are many things to enjoy. Also from the professional side as well the salary of an English teacher in Vietnam is comparatively quite good compared to neighboring countries.

Here are some reasons why you should move to Vietnam and teach English


If you are thinking about such a journey then one of the first things to think about is budget. One of the reasons why you should consider Vietnam is that it is a very affordable country to live in. However you still need to understand how to live a good life without overindulging and going overboard with expenses.

A certified English teacher in Vietnam we’ll have a monthly salary of $1200 to $1,500 per month. This might not be a lot of money by Western standards however in Vietnam the cost of living is quite low. You can with a little bit of research find the best prices on your basic costs, which will extend your budget significantly. Comparatively, rental prices are 85% lower in Hanoi than they are in London. You can still find apartments that range from $200 to $300 per month, right in the center of Hanoi.

So you can imagine that your salary as an English teacher will last much longer in Vietnam than it does in other countries. Housing is not the only inexpensive aspect of life in Vietnam as food will not set you back very much. You can expect to pay $2 to $3 for a simple meal and the taste will be delicious as Vietnamese cuisine has many flavors and comes with fresh herbs. All coming in at a mere fraction of the price to have a meal in your home country.

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Job Market

Another good reason to move to Vietnam to teach English is that there are many English teaching jobs available in Southeast Asia. There is the assumption that there are many positions available for English teachers and this is very true in Vietnam. Making it a very popular choice for English language teachers.

Most of the jobs available in Vietnam are in language schools. This is where you can be teaching a wide range of students. For example, adults may attend classes to learn English of a business nature. Or you could also be teaching a supplementary class for students after school. If you’re working in a language center or a private school then classes will sometimes take place outside of your typical working schedule. It is often less flexible however there is still a lot of work available for English teachers. Within the Vietnam public school system these would have a more regular work schedule but with larger classes and a set curriculum.

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Travel opportunities

One of the most popular reasons to teach English overseas is that it has many incredible travel opportunities. Most teachers will be motivated simply by the joy of teaching, however your passion does not have to end there as travel opportunities will play a very significant role in your decision-making process when choosing a country to teach in. If you are thinking about taking part in the many activities then you may want to consider learning some Vietnamese.

Vietnam has a border with China, Cambodia and Laos making access to these countries very simple and very fast. With travel within the country and to neighboring countries being very affordable you will see that there are so many opportunities you will hardly find the time to make use of them all. Whether you’re on the beaches and islands of Vietnam or trekking through the mountains in the rice fields there is a variety to see and do that can be discovered on your weekends.

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Teaching job requirements

The requirements for teaching English in Vietnam are not too difficult for most people. However you will find that even though no teaching experience is okay you will still need to have a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL certification.

Teaching English in Vietnam without a degree is not possible however if you have the proper prerequisites and certifications you’ll find plenty of job opportunities available as there is such a high demand for English teachers in Vietnam.

By John Austen, Contributor.

The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of the Vietnam Insider.

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