TikTok TV is now available in Vietnam

, TikTok TV is now available in Vietnam


TikTok TV is now available in Vietnam, after its successful debut in the United Kingdom and Canada with Amazon Fire TV as the first partner. The app is now available for Google TV and other Android TV devices, as well as Samsung Smart TVs. The application will be accessible for LG Smart TVs in the near future.

TikTok content is now available on a wider screen, bringing a variety of entertaining and creative experiences directly into the living room of every household. TikTok TV will continue to create a connection between family members and friends by allowing them to experience content on the platform together, in addition to having personal pleasure on TikTok for mobile devices.

The app is intended to resemble the experience of watching TV at home, allowing users to view content from the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ streams on a bigger screen. The app will show the most popular and watched videos in a variety of genres ranging from gaming and comedy to cuisine and animals. Users may install the TikTok TV app by connecting with an existing TikTok account. Furthermore, the Explore section allows users to browse the platform for their favorite content, producers, and categories.

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